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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another Week for Our Maximum Mountain House Sale; MH prices will be going up soon

We Just Marked Our 10-Year Anniversary as Safecastle LLC

In April 2002, Safecastle emerged from the warm, secure womb of my imagination to take on the world. Today, here we are, still learning and growing. Thank you to each of you for your business, friendship, and assistance in our efforts to make a positive difference in the state of personal preparedness.

In that 10 years time, many of you who have been around long enough have benefitted from a few "ahead-of-the-curve" calls I've put forward in terms of pricing and supply warnings, etc. Today, I am giving you another heads-up. This is not at all official. No one from Mountain House has said anything to me, and I have not asked--though I will next week when they are back in the office, to see if I can get confirmation.
But I am almost sure that we will be seeing significant price hikes for MH canned foods in the near term. This expectation is based on several indicators and my past 10 years of experience in this marketplace. Moreover, once that happens, we will see other storage food manufacturers follow the leader. When will this happen? July 1 is my guess--that is typically when MH price changes have taken effect in the past.

So, you can take that warning however you want. If you've been with us for a while, you know I have never been wrong about these kinds of things before. If I am right, then that makes our current storage-food sale series doubly important (it will be about 5 months before our next MH cans sale) ...
Buy Low
Phase 4 of our ongoing Emergency Food Sweep series of storage food sales is midway thru its two-week duration. The maximum-allowed discount of 25% off Mountain House cans only has one week left.
Several other major brands and varieties of storage food are also now on sale. And of course the ground-breaking Spring Rebate Offensive cumulative rebates for all foods purchased between April 1 and June 30 is in effect for buyers club members.
This is the Big One
Let's again count the ways your savings add up for this awesome MH-buying opportunity ...
  1. We are discounting all Mountain House cans in our store 25% for members and non-members alike--the maximum allowed discount 
  2. It ships free to the lower 48.
  3. Buyers club members additionally receive Royalty Rewards gift certificates for qualifying MH can-case purchases--$40 worth for every three cases in a single transaction (good toward the subsequent purchase of anything in our store, other than MH cans).
  4. The Spring Rebate Offensive is worth a 3-7% gift certificate rebate on all storage food purchased from April 1-June 30.
  5. Prices will very likely be going up soon (see email intro above).

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