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Monday, March 11, 2019

XMRE PIZZA Slice with Pepperoni | Get up to 40% Off on XMRE Ready to eat meals | Best prices on Internet

Pizza lovers cheer! Presently you can have your most loved sustenance in a hurry whenever, anyplace! This pepperoni pizza is completely cooked, with heaps of cheddar and pepperoni. It has a timeframe of realistic usability of three years!

List Price: $32.74
MSRP: $47.99 

Save: $15.25 (31.78%)

XMRE - New Arrivals
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List Price: $124.00
MSRP: $162.00 

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List Price: $120.00
MSRP: $180.00 

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List Price: $193.00
MSRP: $235.00 

Save: $42.00 (17.87%)
List Price: $136.00
MSRP: $182.00 

Save: $46.00 (25.27%)
List Price: $103.00
MSRP: $163.00 

Save: $50.00 (30.67%)

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List Price: $105.90
MSRP: $147.00 

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List Price: $105.90
MSRP: $147.00 

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List Price: $105.90
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What Our Customers Say...............

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The clock is ticking ... so many opportunities, so little time

Just some of the latest & greatest at Safecastle for your bunker ...

First, a reminder on the huge Mountain House freeze-dried food sale that runs thru June and the freebies that many are pulling in ... shop discounts of up to 41% now
But a quick summary first of just a few of the other NEW items that are flying out the door ...
1.  Brand New NOTICE:  The affordable SeekThermal XR for your smart phone is now in stock for both Android phones and iOS (check compatibility)!
2.  Our new 5-pack of Lifestraws at an unbeatable price are keeping us running to keep up with orders.
3.  Freeze-dried Chicken Patties by the can and case! Eggs are pretty much gone, how long before chicken follows suit?
4.  The new Solar Knife Firestarting Blade is a scientific/precision wonder for your survival bag.
5.  Extended-life MREs are an answer to prayer for many bush warriors and preppers.
6.  Aurora Firestarter 2SA--better than ever, used by Navy SEALs.


Thursday, April 09, 2015

Introducing Eversafe - MRE's 12 Case with Heaters 38% Off

EverSafe MRE Meals 12 Case 

We continue to look for products that add value to our customers in their prepping and outdoor needs. MRE's stand for Meals Ready to Eat. While many MRE products are tied to military situations, emergency situation and need for ready meals can arise anytime anywhere and to anyone. 

We are introducing a new product today. EverSafe MRE's at lowest prices anywhere on the internet. 

MSRP: $110.00BUY: $68.20


Packing and Packaging : 12 Meals to a Case - 6 different menus per case
Calories per meal : 1,000 to 1,250 Cal

Calories per 12 Case : 
12,000 to 15,000 Cal

Shelf Life : 36 months at 80F degrees from date of pack
Menu Components : Menu suggestions Only Final menus may vary depending of product availability and what Wornick Foods is manufacturing

Each Meals Includes :
1 Entree
1 Beverage
1 Snack/Spread
1 Dining Packet
1 Flameless Heater
1 Waterpoof outer
1 Nutritional Insert

EverSafe MRE Meal Kit 12 Case Ready To Eat ( MRE Type )
A 12 Case of EverSafe MRE Meal Kit will provide the nutrients and caloric value of a 4 to 6 days of complete meals to one person and can be eaten at any place, at any time.

MRE stands for "Meals Ready to Eat" . All the contents are fully cooked and can be eaten hot or cold. Each EverSafe MRE Meals 12 Case has an average of 12,000-15,000 calories, which replicates the calorie count required 4 to 6 days of complete meals. There is no need to add water to an MRE. Simply open the pouch and enjoy!

Here are some reviews. 

"I purchased 2 sample packs and received spaghetti with meat sauce and penne with veg sausage in tomato sauce. The penne was spicy but good. The spaghetti was excellent."

"Bought a case to have as emergency supplies for the home. Recently manufactured and with a substantial shelf life, I was pleased with the product that arrived. 6 different meals across 12 packets. ... this is the first MRE we've tried, but I wouldn't hesitate to get more."

" these are great meals and actually better than those freeze dried frozen types. At less than $6.00USD per meal it is fun eating one rather than going to McD's or others at the same cost. Great for picnics or just sharing. That heater really works!"