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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Great deals on Lifestraw packages: up to 39% off ... (beware the look-a-likes out there)

We've put together some very nice Lifestraw packages ...

1. We continue to offer the excellent
5-pack of Lifestraws (members login for BEST pricing)

2. And the
Lifestraw Steel--your choice of 1, 2, or 3 packs.

3. Now adding practical options, we've paired both those Lifestraw models with stainless steel bottles that the Lifestraws fit into perfectly for storage, transport, and practical ease of use in the field.

-- a. The
Lifestraw Steel w/ stainless steel bottle

-- b. The original Lifestraw 5-pack with stainless steel bottle

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The "Swiss Knife" of belts, Built for rescue & outdoors!

Ultimate in Utility - Ty Belt 

Made in France, Distributed exclusively by Safecastle in US. 

The TYBELT is a sport belt for pants that can be worn with jeans, work or hiking pants. The TYBELT is a flexible strap, easy to adjust and ultra durable. Since it is a trouser belt, it is always ready to use! This is a real rescue PPE (personal protective equipment) it can be used open or closed, in mountaineering and climbing, but also in other situations, such as attachment, sling, tourniquet, rope, and tow strap just to name just a few possibilities!

Watch the video to know more

Tybelt Demonstration
See the multipurpose use of TYBELT


Members save extra
Standard Size: 
M - $59.99
L - $64.99
XL - $69.99 
Premium Size:
L: $79.99 
L: $89.99 
XL: $94.99 

Monday, July 28, 2014

How do you cook food when in a storm or camping or just out there ? Rely on our Survival Stoves now at 25%

Offering our Stoves collection at 25% off 

What are your options when you are in a storm ? How would you cook food ? Would you scramble for twigs, firewood ? Would you need fuel to light a fire to cook ? We have options. No matter what the conditions are our stoves will help you out there.

Extending 25% off on our stove collections for members and non-members alike.

All American Sun-Oven (Save $91.88)

Cook, Bake, Dehydrate, or Boil with the World's
Most Universal Power Source...
Free Sunshine!
The TOTALLY NEW All American SUN OVEN® has retained the best qualities of the original Global Sun Oven and added many more user friendly features to create America's most efficient hassle free solar appliance for cooking, water pasteurization, and dehydrating.

Optimus Nova+ (Save $44.75)

Optimus has added the patent pending Powerline for precision flame control at a distance from the flame by simply twisting the fuel hose. Optimus Nova+ also offers the stability of wide pot supports that fold around the burner for packing convenience and its serrated burner arms assure that the pan stays in place.

The VitalGrill Stove is a unique stove that is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and specially designed for outdoor activities and survival situations.

The flame, fed by a blower fan, produces up to 20,000 BTU of heat - two to three times more energy than traditional portable stoves.

Optimus Hiker+

No matter how bad it gets out there, you'll be doing fine. It didn't earn the nickname "Himalaya Stove" for nothing.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

July 1s Prize for Loyalty Members Announced

Loyalty Drawing Prize for July 1st:

Optimus Crux w/Terra Weekend Cook Set.
Highly versatile and efficient 3-piece Cook System combines the Crux stove and Weekend HE Cook Set.

Set includes: Folding Crux stove (83 g/2.9 oz), 0.95 L Heat Exchange saucepan (hard anodized aluminum) with pouring lip and measuring marks, fry pan that doubles as a lid, mesh storage bag, and neoprene sleeve to store Crux in the unused space under the gas cartridge.

This year's Loyalty Royalty program is a slam-dunk in terms of getting something for nothing. In fact, for some, it will be a lot for nothing. Our buyers club members simply need to email us and request to be enrolled in the 2014 Loyalty program. That's it! If you are not a member, become one today click here.

In return, you get a year-end rebate on your 2014 Safecastle purchases and a chance at our monthly prize drawings.

Retail Value: $95.00 (Winner gets it for FREE)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Want to counter rising beef prices ? Stock up Beef Patties | Only 40 Cases available

You've seen the news ... virtually all food prices are rising fast now. Food inflation is becoming a major issue.

There's really only way to take immediate productive action to protect your household, and that is to lock-in today's prices by purchasing foods that store indefinitely.

Consumer Price Index for Beef (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics) tells the story:

We have some good news though....

Introducing Dried Uncooked Hamburger Patties.. 

We only have 40 cases so hurry !!
  • Each Case has 6 #10 cans
  • 15-16 Patties per Can
  • U.S. Gov't/Military Surplus
  • 25+ year shelf life
These Freeze Dried/Uncooked hamburger patties are a whopping 1/2in thick. All cans were sealed in an oxygen/moisture free environment.

These Beef Patties are current production over-runs, Manufactured in 2014, from a large military defense contractor. We just purchased a large lot of these direct from a Defense Reutilization Office (DRO) Source.


members save extra

Friday, April 25, 2014

You Need to Counteract the Huge Food Price Increases Out There! 20% off, Gift Certificate, Free shipping

You've seen the news ... virtually all food prices are rising fast now. Food inflation is becoming a major issue. 

There's really only way to take immediate productive action to protect your household, and that is to lock-in today's prices by purchasing foods that store indefinitely.

Future Essentials Sale Prices!

How about some good news? For a short duration, we are able to offer excellent sale prices on different Future Essentials foods (including dog food, for you pet owners)! 

Shop today to ensure best selection and prompt delivery.

Bonus Incentive ...

Buy any 4 Future Essentials cases in a transaction and receive a $25 gift certificate, Buy 8 Future Essentials cases and get a $50 gift certificate. Gift certificates will be sent you via email and will be applicable for all future purchases, one time use, no expiry date. 

20% off for members and non members alike.

Friday, April 11, 2014

25%-off Katadyn Water Filters (Survival, Outdoors, Hiking) ; New Knife Blowout Offer!

Katadyn water filters are the ultimate, premier portable water filters, relied upon by the military, relief agencies, adventurers, campers, hikers, and scout groups around the globe for years. There are many product options to fit your specific needs and right now, Safecastle is offering some very special Springtime discounts backed by our Best Price Guarantee.

Katadyn Hiker Pro !!  

The Katadyn Hiker PRO comes with a removable filter protector to extend cartridge life in challenging conditions. 

Thanks to quick connect fittings the installation and removal of input and output hoses is easy! 

It also connects directly to hydration packs with 1/4" drink tubes (ie Camelbak). 

Includes: Prefilter, bottle adapter and carry bag.

                                          $71.25 (25% Off) 


Katadyn Vario, Dual-Technology Water Filter!!

The Katadyn Vario is the first-ever water filter to combine the benefits of  long life and fast flow in one product!

$71.25 (25% off)

 Katadyn Expedition !!

The Katadyn Expedition is ideal for large groups and relief organizations. It is indestructible and easy to use. The best choice for expeditions, River Raftings, Camps, etc..

                                                    $1200 (25% Off) 


Katadyn Drip Ceradyn !!

The Katadyn Vario is the first-ever water filter to combine the benefits of  long life and fast flow in one product!

$264.96 (25% off)

2014 Knife & Blades Giveaway !!
Safecastle is moving out all our remaining inventory of survival knives and blades and they're all going to customers for FREE in our latest purchase-incentive package-available to buyers club members and non-members alike!

The offer package in the Knife & Blades Giveaway is based on what we have in stock. 
As the knives disappear, the package offer will be adjusted, so you want to keep checking in to see what the latest offer is.
The current giveaway offer: 

While supplies last (giveaways will be updated weekly or as our very limited inventories warrant) ...

- a multi-tool wallet card (value $9.50) is sent with any purchase

AND a AR 15 MAG  (value $16.99) with any purchase of at least $150

AND an Gator Machete Pro (value $47) with any purchase of at least $450

AND a 12 survivors knife roll kit (value $120) with any purchase of at least $850

Wallet Tool Card 

Retail Value - $9.50

No coupon code is needed--qualifying purchases will automatically be sent the knives/blades/tools that the single purchase qualifies for. 

AR 15 Mags

Retail Value - $16.99

AR-15 Magazine 
.223 Remington/5.56 NATO 
30 Rounds

Gator Machete Pro

Retail Value - $47

Find yourself backed into a corner with the undead on the move? Grab your Gator Pro. It has an aggressive, multi-purpose blade that can be used as an axe, a machete, or knife to filet your way through any walker offensive. 

12 survivors knife roll kit

Retail Value - $120

The 12 Survivors Knife Rollup Kit offers the basic tools for surviving the ou

Katadyn Pocket (save $90)!!

Relied on by the US military overseas ... the most rugged, longest lasting microfilter available.
The silver impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria and protozoa.
The Katadyn Pocket is the only water filter with a lifetime warranty.

$277.46 (25% off)
Katadyn Mini !!

The lightest, most compact filter. 

Small size fits into coat pocket or waist pack. Ideal for travel and day hiking
Exclusive silver impregnated ceramic element lasts up to 2000 gallons
                                                                                                       $82.50 (25% Off)