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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Black Friday Deals Still Active! | Huge Savings on food , water filters , bikes | Only 2 days left save $100 on other promotions.

Black Friday Deals Still Active! 

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Montague Bike
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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Water purification comes in many shapes Filtration & Distillation | We have discounts to offer on both up to 40% OFF plus free gift with purchase

Purified water is characterized by the level of impurities found in the water. To obtain purified water is to eliminate the impurities/contaminants to a diminishingly low level. 
The goal of any water filtration is to provide safe, clean drinking water. Hence, based on your consumption, requirements and mainly the contaminants present in the water source, choose your filter wisely.
Check Safecastle's range of Best Water Filters,
  • Berkey 
  • Propur
  • MSR 
 Best Distillers
  • Waterwise Distillers

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A verified, trusted, loved by many, source for purified drinking water, this is a tested purifier does not need introduction!
Price $410.00,
MSRP $680.00

save $270.00(39.71%)
Price $398.05,
MSRP $599.00

save $200.95(33.55%)
Price $411.35,
MSRP $699.00

save $287.65(41.15%)

What our Customers Say: 

Our ProOne® and ProMax™ filters are uniquely engineered to reduce even the latest undesirable contaminants and pollutants using industry leading water filtration technology.
  • Free Gift - Stainless Steel Bottle.
  • Use Code PROPUR15 to get Extra 15% off on Purchase All Products in Propur Water Filter. Offer Valid From 23rd Nov,18 - 31st Dec,18.
Price $169.00,
MSRP $199.00

save $30.00(15.08%)
Price $244.00,
MSRP $300.00

save $56.00(18.67%)
Price $469.00,
MSRP $540.00

save $71.00(13.15%)

What our Customers Say: 

filter actually removes matter and microbes from the water while a "purifier" can employ a variety of methods to disinfect the water (such as UV or MIOX® or combination system like the MSR Sweetwater® purifier).
With every order of Trail Base™ Water Filter Kit & Guardian Purifier Pump you get a Free Gift - Stainless Steel Bottle.

Price $66.95,
MSRP $106.95

save $40.00(37.40%)
Price $349.95,
MSRP $449.95

save $100.00(22.22%)
Price $81.95,
MSRP $131.95

save $50.00(37.89%)

What our Customers Say: 

Water Wise
Proven technology is what you can expect from Waterwise water distillers, Air purifiers, and shower filters. For over 40 years, we've believed that optimum health is not possible without the benefits of pure water and pure air. 
  • Free Gift - Stainless Steel Bottle.
Price $493.00,
MSRP $899.00

save $405.10(45.06%)
Price $1593.00,
MSRP $2269.00

save $676.00(70.20%)
Price $317.90,
MSRP $699.00

save $381.10(45.48%)

What our Customers Say: 

Buyers Club Benefits :

  • Free Shipping: In lower 48 states.
  • Expedited Shipping: For most products.
  • Membership Discounts: Up to 20% off.
  • First Access to Limited Stock.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Based on Annual Purchases .

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