Safecastle | One Shop For All Emergency Essentials: February 2014

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Menu C MREs Back in Stock!

It's increasingly difficult to keep the Menu C MREs in stock. We had them for a little while last month and they quickly disappeared. Our supplier came thru with another lot of Menu C MREs ... about as fresh as they come, packed in December 2013.
Each case has an assortment of 12 high-calorie military MREs.
Want 'em? They'll go to the swift.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Yoders-meats sale ends 2/25 ... wet-pack cooked meats, long-term storage

Until Feb. 25, 2014, (or while supplies last), all our Yoders meats listings, to include the famous Yoders Bacon, is discounted. If you are a buyers club member, that gets you a total of 29%-off!

See all our long-term storage meats here and get invested in your future.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Did you see the news stories last week of the increasing food prices?

Food prices, especially meats, are reaching record levels and they aren't expected to reverse course at any point in the foreseeable future. We could provide several news links on this, but in the interest of brevity, we'll leave you with just this one from Friday at the Wall Street Journal's Marketwatch site: Tomorrow's hamburger may cost as much as today's steak. Beef prices expected to rise through 2016

As your luck would have it, we still have TWO DAYS LEFT on the special savings we negotiated with our distributor on all Yoders meats. Until Feb. 25, 2014, (or while supplies last), all our Yoders listings, to include the famous Yoders Bacon, is discounted. If you are a buyers club member, that gets you a total of 29%-off!

Another recent story (from a week ago), CBS: "Food prices soar as incomes stand still"  They mention bacon prices ... Yoders canned bacon on sale for the next couple of days.

See all our long-term storage meats here and get invested in your future.

Sorry--more bad news if you are a coffee drinker ...

From Business Insider on Thursday: Coffee is about to get more expensive

There is only one way to effectively store coffee for the long haul ... that is, as green coffee beans in vacuum sealed cans. We've got it for you, at member discounted pricing--inventory is very limited at this price.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Limited Number of Lifetime Buyers Club Memberships at Just $10!

This is a rare opportunity to get a Safecastle buyers club membership for just $10!!

These lifetime club memberships (never a renewal fee) are normally $49.

Use this coupon code after adding the membership to your shopping cart as you check out:


We are limiting the number of coupon codes to the first 50 new members, so don't delay.

NOTE:  Please purchase the membership first before adding anything else to your cart. Then wait till you receive an email from us that says "Membership Complete." At that point you can log-in to the store and see your member discounted pricing and start enjoying all the benefits and incentives that come with club membership.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Act Fast on This ... Freeze-Dried Pork Chops and All Yoders Meats!

Another great deal just dropped in our laps and you can take advantage if you are quick enough.

We've been allocated just 50 cases of surplus freeze dried pork chops again. Last month, a similar allocation sold out in a matter of hours. Someone called these chops "carnivorous gold." They are definitely the most popular, fastest selling item we've had in our store.

NOTE:  Our allotment is not due to arrive to the warehouse until two weeks from today. So we expect to ship our allotted 50 cases of customer orders out at the end of February, but we are selling them out now.

For the next two weeks only, our distributor is cutting us a special deal on Yoders meats. So until Feb. 25, 2014, (or while supplies last), all our Yoders listings, to include the famous Yoders Bacon, is 11%-off. If you are a buyers club member, that 11%-off is in addition to your standard club discount!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Safecastle Announces New 2014 Preparedness Incentive Programs

The 2014 Loyalty Royalty Program is Better than Ever! ...

Every buyers club member who registers for the 2014 Loyalty program will earn a rebate gift certificate worth at least 1% of the total value of their 2014 purchases at Safecastle. 

- If total purchases for the year exceed $5000, then the total rebate gift certificate will be at least 2%! 

- Throughout the year, there will be special offers made that will provide the opportunity to further increase that year-end rebate percentage!

- Of course we cannot resist conducting prize drawings on a monthly basis for those actively participating, so you have multiple ways of being rewarded for your Safecastle loyalty.
Our Mountain House Rewards Program is Back Too!
FYI, we've got one of our famous MH cans sales brewing (launching very soon) and today we've brought back our unique MH Royalty Rewards program that makes purchasing your MH food at Safecastle a no-brainer. Yep--when you combine all the available discounts and incentives at Safecastle, there's not a more cost-effective way anywhere to seriously build up your preparedness.
How long CAN you wait? No time like the present to stock up on all kinds of preps:  Free shipping, member discounts, AND dozens of listings ON SALE now ...

Monday, February 03, 2014

"Fear & Greed Index" Burying the Needle in "Extreme Fear"

Been watching this lately ... now close to burying the needle in "Extreme Fear."

Click here for the 7 indicators on which this index is currently built and updated.