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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Last Days of the Best Mountain House Food Buying Opportunity Ever Again

3 More Days in our Maximum-Allowed Discount Mountain House Cans Sale

If you want the best storage food in the world--bar none--you clearly want to be stocking Mountain House freeze-dried food. It's not cheap--but right now, at your fingertips, is the very best deal you'll ever again have at this food that stores for 30 years on the shelf.
The big picture ... we are still in the midst of our most aggressive storage food sale event in our 10-year history at Safecastle. Many of our food brands are on sale right now at good discounts, adding to our standard member discounts. Members also get Royalty Reward Gift Certificates in the amount of $40 for every 3 MH can cases purchased. And our Spring Rebate Offensive continues to tally up significant rebate credits (3-7%!) for members buying any storage food before the offer's deadline of June 30.
What this all means--bottom-line discounts of about 40% or more for some customers!  See details.

MH Cans 25%-off Sale Ends May 6 ... Our current MH cans sale has 3 days left, with the maximum-allowed sale discounts on all MH cans ... with free shipping of course ... and with the aforementioned, unpecedented reward and rebate packages, to boot!

It will be about 5 months before our next MH cans sale, but we will not be offering the Spring rebates package then. And on July 1, MH is enacting new price hikes, on mandatory list prices for all dealers.

So Yes, This IS the Big One

Count the ways your savings add up for this awesome MH-buying opportunity ...

1. All Mountain House cans in our store are priced at 25% off for members and non-members alike--the maximum allowed discount.

2. It all ships free to the lower 48.

3. Buyers club members additionally receive Royalty Rewards gift certificates for qualifying MH can-case purchases--$40 worth for every three cases in a single transaction (good toward the subsequent purchase of anything in our store, other than MH cans).

4. The Spring Rebate Offensive is worth a 3-7% gift certificate rebate on all storage food purchased from April 1-June 30.

5. You beat the pending MH price hikes, required for all dealers.

6. Everything is in stock and shipping out within a week!

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marti said...

Over the years I have read all the arguments against freeze dried food, mainly "it's expensive". I think that is a generalized statement and some factors must be considered. This week, I put that generalization to the test. I purchcased strawberries locally grown. The cost to fill a #10 can about 8/10 full with dehydrated strawberries was $20.50 for the strawberries alone. Other factors included time preparing the fruit, expense for dehydrating, and finally, suitable packaging for storage. On a conservative estimate that would come to probably $25 without counting the sweat equity. When I ran the numbers for the MH freeze dried strawberries that would average $22.11 a can, with a shelf life much longer than dehydrating. If you can buy good produce cheap then perhaps it's cost effective, but freeze dried is not always the most expensive method. This MH sale is a real deal.