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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Paratrooper Jumps with a Folding Bike Strapped On

Far and away, the most popular prepper bikes out there are the famous Montague folding bikes. Originally designed in cooperation with DARPA for the purpose of enabling US Forces to easily jump out of perfectly good airplanes and land with a quick two-wheeled getaway on hand, today's Montague bikes are tough, fun, and convenient to carry and store in any situation.

In fact, right now Safecastle is offering amazing discounts for Montagues!

- Save 20% on Montague bikes under $750. Use Coupon: Montague20
- Save 25% on Montague bikes from $750 to $1799. Use Coupon: Montague25
- Save 30% on Montague bikes $1800 and up. Use Coupon: Montague30

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Common Misconceptions About Folding Bikes

Check out this video:

Monday, March 07, 2016

We've got SERIOUS Bugout Bikes, NOW including the World's Fastest, Quiet Electrics--Stealth Bikes!

Spring is the time a prepper's fancy turns to thoughts of bugging out. I'm told Tennyson did not say that. 

Spring is also the time folks look to upgrade their two-wheeling mobility and we have added a stable-full of exciting new bikes for sport and prepping.

Just listed: the fastest electric production mountain bikes on the planet--Stealth Electric Bikes ... quiet, FAST, powerful ... up to 50 mph, up to 65 miles on a charge. WOW! You've got to see the videos on our listings.

We've got a fleet of new 2016 Montague folding bikes, including several new Paratrooper variations!

And we're also now an official dealer for the famous ProdecoTech electric bikes--some of which are also folding bikes for ultimate convenience and storability. 

These bikes are THE bikes to prep with and to have a ball with. Be sure you club members log-in!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Final Day: Steed, Feed & Seed Spring Prepping Sale

Final Day--Sunday May 10, 2015

Steed: On a folding, wheeled steed you'll ride! World-famous Montague folding bikes are going fast at these low spring prices. BIG discounts PLUS a FREE Montague Accessories package (value $160) with any bike purchase ... just enter coupon code Steed in the checkout. 

Feed: High-protein Yoders canned meats are must-haves for your larder. Lower prices cannot be had than what we are now offering.

Seed: Organic Liberty seeds in steel resealable ammo boxes are going out the door at our cost--while supplies last! AND with any Liberty Seeds purchase, get two FREE books (The Vegetable Gardener's Bible and The Backyard Homestead - value $44) ... just enter coupon code Garden in the checkout.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Folding Bikes Sale; 2014 Knife & Blades Giveaway! (Limited Quantity)

2014 Knife & Blades Giveaway! (Limited Quantity)

Safecastle is moving out all our remaining inventory of survival knives and blades and they're all going to customers for FREE in our latest purchase-incentive package-available to buyers club members and non-members alike!

The offer package in the Knife & Blades Giveaway is based on what we have in stock (giveaways will be updated weekly or as our very limited inventories warrant).

- a multi-tool wallet card (value $9.50) is sent with any purchase

- AND a AR 15 Mag (value $16.99) with any purchase of at least $150
- AND a Gator Machete Pro (value $47) with any purchase of at least $425

- AND an ACU combat knife combo (value $59) with any purchase of at least $600

- AND a 12 survivors knife roll kit (value $120) with any purchase of at least $1000

No coupon code is needed--qualifying purchases will automatically be sent the knives/blades/tools that the single purchase qualifies for.

What to Buy ? We have amazing Spring Bike and 

accessories sales going on. 

 Currently offer at least 20% off + Free Shipping. 

Montague Folding Bikes  20% off

Montague Carry Case 20% off

Quik-Pak Trailer 20% off

Call Our Toll-Free Number: 877-673-2394

If you are having trouble placing your order online for any reason.