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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Everything You Should Know About Emergency Preparedness

Getting Started With Emergency Preparedness | Safecastle

If we talk about Emergency Preparedness, a lot of people think that emergency prepping is not necessary or they think that it is not cost-effective, you will end up exhausting your funds into long term food storage.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything that needs to understand about Emergency Preparedness and a lot of other survival factors.

What is Emergency Preparedness?

We all know that all natural disasters are always unpredictable, not even natural disasters, any kind of disaster is unpredictable. We never know what kind of situation we are going to face the next morning. It can be earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. You can't fight any of the disasters that are going to hit your fan.

But The good thing is that you can plan for your survival. Just imagine the moment you got up & you had to evacuate your home and no one is sure when the situation will improve. So, would you be able to survive out there without any supplies?

This activity of preparing yourself with all the Emergency Supplies that you need to survive can be termed as Emergency Preparedness.

Why Emergency Preparedness Is Necessary?

By now, we all must have understood the Importance Of Emergency Preparedness. It's really important to prepare yourself always in advance because emergencies are always unpredictable. 

If we talk about the latest news, the world is now dealing with CVOID-19 which came into existence & drastically hit humanity. No one was aware that the world would come across such a thing which will impact the world so hard (literally it impacted not only humans but to the economy as well)

If we look out at the stats, globally there are around 2.7M people who are confirmed that they are infected with CVOID-19 whereas 1,93,671 could not survive this emergency and died.

Getting Started With Emergency Essentials | Safecastle

The CVOID cases in the United States are around 9,03,098 with a death rate of 51000 which is high. 

The government across all the nations has declared the lockdowns and in a lot of areas, people are not even getting the essential supplies to survive through this situation. 

Just imagine yourself into the same situation where you are running out of your emergency essentials and you don't even have a backup to survive. That situation will be really difficult to imagine even, you can't let yourself & your loved ones starve for food & other supplies.

The government is requesting everyone to follow some important rules and the most important is Social Distancing. In this critical situation, if you even manage to get food in stores, you are still at high risk that you can get infected.

This is where the Emergency Preparedness comes into the play.

You can't predict the emergencies or any disaster, but you can always prepare yourself with the Emergency Essentials that can help you & your loved ones to survive easily.

Tips To Start With Emergency Prepping:

As we understood the importance of Emergency Preparedness, here are some important tips that can help you in Getting Started With Emergency Prepping.

  • Allocate a Constant Monthly Budget
If you have just started with Emergency Prepping, then start allocating some constant budget every month which you would be utilising in your Emergency Prepping. Like every expense, just make a new section into your expense manager & start adding funds into that every month.

Allocate a Constant Monthly Budget | Emergency Preparedness

  • Make A List Of Important Emergency Essentials

Once you start saving your funds for Emergency Essentials, then the next step that you have to follow up is to Understand what essentials are important to you and the essentials you really need & can't survive without them. For example, Medical supplies.
Make A List Of Important Emergency Essentials | Emergency Preparedness 

Then you would have a better understanding of how you need to invest your funds into the supplies that you need. 

  • Invest In Long Term Food Supplies

The most important element out of all other Emergency Essentials is Food. You and your family won't be able to survive any emergency without food.

If you don't have any food in your Emergency stock, you will starve & won't be left with enough energy to survive through the situation. 

So, invest your funds in Long Term Food Or Freeze Dried Foods. There are lots of companies who would provide you with Best Freeze Dried Food which you can store into your food stock without worrying about their expiration. The freeze-dried foods come up with a longer shelf life of more than 20 years which means you can stock up your Emergency Food as much as you want.
Grtting Started With Emergency Preparedness | Emergency Food Supply

You will get a choice of opting the different food packages such as Pouches, Cans, Buckets and even Emergency Kits. 

So, you can choose the food as per your requirements.

  • Keep Portable Water Sources In Your Stock

Other than Freeze Dried Food, the essential that you will need to survive through any emergency is a Water Source. You won't be able to keep many water bottles with you when you are out during the emergency. You will be available with the limited water & drinking contaminated water can make you suffer from illness.

So, to survive the Emergency Situation, you would need a Water Purification System. If you explore the market, you will get a lot of options for Water Storage.

You can either buy Water Purification Systems or there is also the availability of Portable Water Systems which are compact & are a perfect fit in your bag as well.

So, make sure you also think about investing your funds into Emergency Water Storage as well.

  • Have An Emergency Bag Ready

This is one of the most important things that you should always be ready with. You never know what kind of morning you would encounter, so you should always be ready with an Emergency Bag.
Emergecy Preparedness | Emergency Go Bag | Safeacastle

An Emergency Bag Or Evacuation Bag is something that consists of some amount of Emergency Supplies which you have to pick up and run if something goes wrong. You should have Emergency Food, Water, Medicine in the bag so that you can survive with the supplies.

  • Keep Important Essentials & Documents

If you are under treatment for anything or going through some serious medications, then stock up all your medicines for at least 2-3 weeks, so that meanwhile you don't get access to the medical store, you can survive on your own.

Also keep your important documents with you like your Identity cards, Driving License, Passport along with maps of your area that you are living in so that you can have an idea of the place if something goes wrong which will help you during your emergency survival.
Keep Important Essentials & Documents | Emergency Preparedness

  • Make A Survival Community in Your Area

You should create a Survival Community where everyone can share their tips and can be aware of Emergency Preparedness. If you understand the importance of Emergency Preparedness, then teach others as well.
Make A Survival Community in Your Area | Emergency Preparedness

So, that everyone can stay prepared and surviving all together is easy as compared to surviving alone. 

There are a lot of more things that you need to understand about Emergency Preparedness, but these were basic and most important which will help you in emergency survival.

So, now as we all have learnt about Emergency Prepping, it's time to implement everything and stock up all the Emergency Essentials that you need. 

For product information and more updates, visit Safecastle.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

Sunday, March 08, 2020

Getting Started With Budget Prepping (Useful Tips)

If you are a beginner level prepper or a pro one, one situation that everyone comes across 
is doing "Prepping On A Budget". As we all know, emergencies or natural calamities are always unpredictable. Anything can turn upside down in a moment. You need to make sure that if anything goes wrong, you must be prepared to survive the situation.


If you are new to prepping, then you must be thinking that is it important to stay prepared for emergencies & How much prepping would cost you!
& Yes! staying alert for every emergency is important because you can't imagine the situation and how it would affect your life.
That is why you need to stay prepared with all the Emergency Essentials that you would need during your survival.
If I talk about survival prepping, then it doesn't need a lot of money. The only thing it requires is time and good research work.
Keep reading this article and You will get to know "How to start prepping on a budget"
If you do want to become good at prepping or you have just started your journey towards prepping, then you need to be very specific at investing your money. You can't invest in things which you might not need or which won't help you to survive out there. 
There are a few elements that you need to survive the emergency. Just imagine, any emergency happens & you need to leave your home immediately, so how would you survive out there & how many days?

So, let's take a moment to understand what are the emergency essentials that would be necessary for you and here are some effective tips which you can start implementing daily so that you can begin with your prepping journey.
So, let's go through some Effective Prepping Tips,


This is one of the ways by which you can even plan better and can save a lot of money. Most of the hardcore or prepping experts, they prefer to have a checklist. If you have a checklist then you can easily plan according to your needs and ultimately you won't be spending on things that you don't need. You can even plan as per the months i.e in April, you would invest X amount of money to buy food, clothes, first aid, etc.


Whenever you are getting started with the Survival plan, you have to take care of these two most essential elements of your journey i.e Food & Water. You may starve to death if you run out of these two things. Other things can be delayed or ignored in worst situations, but these two can't be neglected. 

In case, if you are very new to Emergency Prepping, you can start with storing Freeze-Dried Foods which won't need any cooking efforts & are very easy to prepare (In case if you don't know the difference between Freeze Dried Food Vs Dehydrated Food, Click here)

The freeze-dried food comes in a variety of variations, you can buy pouches, buckets, long term meals as per your requirements.

For example, 
- If you are looking for pouches, then you can choose Mountain House Emergency Food & can choose as per your budget & needs
- You can also consider Dried Canned Food if you are planning for long term storage. 
To plan up your food requirements, you can check the Best Survival Food Companies 2020.

You can stock up your emergency food with these above-mentioned brands.
After food, you need to plan for your water needs, you can't survive much without water. There are a lot of alternatives available which can help you with water filtration. But, before you need to figure out how much water you need. If you are alone out there or with your family, you need to keep the water accordingly.

You can use the Portable Water Filters (or Lifestraws) by which you can consume water directly. If you have more people with you & looking for a more convenient source to filter water, then you can think of Berkey Water Filters which will help you in providing filter water so that you can survive the emergency along with your loved ones.


When you are preparing for any emergency, then make sure that you read and learn as much as you can about the outdoor survival, SHTF prepping, Meal prepping and many more. If you spend your time in this area, then you will start understanding what kind of Emergency Supplies do you need & then you can invest your funds wisely. Most Emergency Situations can be survived with basic survival skills.


This is one important point that you need to allocate a budget for your Emergency Prepping. Dedicate a monthly realistic budget for your prepping. You don't need to put on your whole salary on this, but start allocating a small amount in Emergency Prepping, so that you can make sure that you could survive during any emergency.


This is one of the things that should always be available with you or at your home. You never know, if anything happens all of sudden & you don't get time to pack up things, so one of your Emergency Go Bag should be ready. Just keep the essential supplies in your bag, don't keep excessive things which may not be useful during the emergency. Learn more details about Emergency Go Bag.


Throughout the year, we get to see a lot of events when most of the stores do provide you with heavy discounts & coupons. So, keep looking for sales and coupons so that you can buy more and spend less. Keep checking the websites, Facebook pages for the deals and offers from your Emergency Supply dealers.

So, this is how you start with Budget Prepping. Before getting into product details and all, begin with planning. Then you can effectively save your money and efforts. 

For more survival tips and information, stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Freeze Dried Food VS Dehydrated Food: Which One To Choose

When it comes to deciding for Long Term Food Storage, a lot of people comes across a dilemma of choice between Freeze Dried Food or Dehydrated Food.

Let's have a look upon a few factors which will help you to choose for Long Term Food Storage that you are looking for & which can help you during any kind of emergency.

The difference between Freeze-Dried & Dehydrated Food is that in Freeze Drying, 98% of the water is removed whereas, while dehydration, the amount of water removed from food is around 80% which gives the products longer shelf life.
Both the solutions can contribute to your Emergency Food Storage, but some more key factors need to be understood before choosing between Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated Food.

So, let's begin with the following factors:

1. Nutrition

Whenever it's about making a choice for Emergency Food for your survival, the most important thing that matters is Nutrition.

While processing the dehydrated food, the amount of nutrition left in food remains 50-60% of the original amount whereas, In Freeze Dried Food, 97% of nutrients are retained. So, when it comes to nutrients, Freeze Dried Food can be a perfect choice.

2. Taste

Flavour is one of the most important factors when it comes to food. No one can enjoy food which doesn't have any taste.  But the good thing here is that both, Freeze Dried Food & Dehydrated food tastes better.

But according to a lot of experts, The process to prepare Freeze Dried Food just involves very little heat which maintains the flavor in the food, thus it tastes better as compared to the dehydrated food.

3. Shelf Life

One of the important factors that matter to a lot of survivors or people who keep themselves prepared for any kind of emergencies or survival situation is Shelf Life.

When it comes to shelf life, moisture plays an important role. If the presence of moisture is more in the product, the less amount of time it will last. Dehydrated Food can lose around 97% of its moisture, so a lot of dehydrated foods can maintain their shelf life up to 15 years or more.

On the other hand, Freeze Dried Food is preferred for long term food storage as 98-99% of the moisture is removed so that they can have a longer shelf life of around 25 years or more.

So, these were some factors that need to be understood before choosing between Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated Food. You can analyze the factors and can make a choice which contributes better for your long term food storage.

To know more about Freeze Dried Food & other survival essentials you can visit Safecastle.