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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Feel the Future" Storage Food Discounts & Freebies - thru August

We are feeling the future here and it is not giving us any warm fuzzies. In fact, things are not looking promising at all for economic recovery or an improving employment situation. Some widely-respected voices around the globe are now warning of the risk of sudden collapse. At Safecastle too, we see reason for concern on a number of levels--not only economic. We have never before "raised our alert level" like this. Hopefully, the imminent danger will fizzle out and more time will be ours to continue to firm up our perimeter a bit more. If we are wrong about raising the flag--well then, praise God!

At Times Like This

As always--preparedness is about being ready for whatever is coming. We're doing our utmost right now to help you make sure you and yours are squared away. We have quickly put together some discounts and incentive packages that are the very best we can offer at this point.

Yes, discounts PLUS freebies!

For details, see: Feel the Future

Current Offers:

(These apply in the U.S., other than the specific Canadian offers in #5 below.)

1. The mega-comprehensive Get It Done food package. 84 cases of food. 20% discount, free shipping for members and non-members alike. Members get a free 9-tray Excalibur Dehydrator (value $275) and a can of Grandmas Country non-hybrid emergency storage seeds (value $50.00) as well. (You will also get all of the gifts listed in #3 below.) Save $2250 on the food alone!

2. We are offering a rare discount on all Mountain House pouches in our store. Non-club-members get 5% off and free shipping. Members get their additional 20% discount on top of that. Pouch case purchases do not qualify for the volume incentive gifts in #4 below.

3. Use your club-member 20% discount and purchase 28 full cases or more in any combination of Future Essentials, Yoders, and Grandma Werlings products (excludes half cases and sampler packs) -- THEN receive a Safecastle gift certificate for $300 to use on any subsequent transaction in our store (plus your qualifying gifts below in #4). Need we keep saying it?--Free shipping.

4. Now through August 2010, we are offering volume incentive gifts for buyers club members who purchase any type of listed storage foods in cans. Yes--normal buyers club discounts apply. As always, MH cans are not eligible for member discounts due to manufacturer dealer rules. However those MH can purchases do certainly count toward the incentive levels below. (Note--Purchases are not cumulative. These gifts are awarded and based on single transactions, unless otherwise arranged with Safecastle beforehand.)

Any buyers club member canned-food purchase (includes Mountain House cans, Yoders, Future Essentials, Werlings, Honeyville Grains, Grandmas Country milk, and Bega cheese) totaling at least ...

$500+ earns a free Fenix Flashlight while supplies last. Earliest qualifying purchases get the best available models. (Comparable gifts will be substituted and listed here when necessary.)

$1500+ earns a Fenix flashlight and a QuikClot pouch plus an "Adventure Medical" Pocket Survival kit or Medical kit worth at least $37 and as much as $110.

$2500+ gets the items listed above PLUS a Katadyn water filter or filter bottle valued between $56 and $110 and a can of emergency storage vegetable seeds from Grandma's Country (value $50).

$3500+ earns all of the above plus a Safecastle gift certificate in the amount of $175.00.

Eligible purchases that count toward these gifts include:

Mountain House freeze dried #10 can cases (6 cans per case):
Rice & Chicken
Chicken ala King
Hearty Stew w/ Beef
Vegetable Stew with Beef
Beef Stroganoff
Chili Mac
Lasagna w/ Meat Sauce
Noodles and Chicken
Long Grain & Wild Rice
Sweet & Sour Pork w/ Rice
Breakfast Skillet
Pasta Primavera
Oriental Style Spicy Chicken
BBQ Beef
Chicken Teriyaki
Seafood Chowder
Chicken Stew
Mac and Cheese
Diced Chicken, cooked
Diced Beef, cooked
Ground Beef, cooked
Creamed Beef
Precooked Scrambled Eggs w/ Ham
Precooked Eggs w/ Bacon
Granola w/ Blueberries & Milk
Garden Green Peas
Green Beans
Instant White Rice
Pilot Crackers
Cottage Cheese
Blueberry Cheesecake
Raspberry Crumble
Sliced Strawberries
Sliced Bananas
Honeyville Grains #10 Can Cases
Freeze Dried Vegetable Combo
Powdered Whole Eggs
Flavored TVP Combo
Mountain Mills Instant Milk Substitute
Grandma's Country #10 Can Cases
Powdered 100% Real Milk
Powdered 100% Real Chocolate Milk
Yoders Canned Product Cases
All-Purpose White Flour
Canned Beef
Canned Hot Dogs
Granulated Brown Sugar
Hamburger/ Ground Beef
Canned Chicken
Canned Pork
Canned Turkey
Long Grain Brown Rice
Long Grain White Rice
Pork Sausage
Taco Beef Filling
Whole Wheat Flour
Grandma Werling's Canned Meats
BBQ Pork
Beef & Gravy
Future Essentials Can Cases
Assorted Spices
Iodized Salt
Green Coffee Beans
Breakfast Grains/ Cereals
Canned Cookie, Cake, Scone, Muffin Varieties
Great Northern Beans, Dried
Hard White Wheat
Spring Wheat
Pinto Beans, Dried
Small Red Beans
White Corn Grits
Yellow Corn Meal
And ...
Bega Canned Cheese

5. Canadian Customers--Our listings for foods available north of the border are limited to certain Mountain House cans cases and pouch cases that are in a distributor's warehouse in Ontario as we speak. We are discounting all MH cans in Canada 5% and all pouch cases 20%! Yes--you too get free shipping.

Plus--if your purchase exceeds $2400, we will ship you a free 5-tray Excalibur Dehydrator (value $237.50).
Get Ready ... Seriously --

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shaking the Paralysis in America - Get the Lead Out!

The recent repetitive waves and tidal surges of bad news that we've all had to deal with have left us numb. Detachment is an innate defense mechanism that kicks in when our senses are overwhelmed with negative input, pain stimuli, and/or fear triggers.

You know of what I speak--terrorism, international tensions, natural disasters, man-made disasters (ala the oil spill in the Gulf), economic depression, personal financial uncertainties, racial hostilities, crime, governmental encroachment in personal lives and liberties, corporate greed ...

I'm sure you can add a few more fear factors to personalize this list to your own situation. The result for many has been a kind of debilitating shock.

That's fine, for a while. But eventually it's not OK anymore.

My point is, sometimes you just have to make the effort to get back in the ballgame. If you sit for too long, you become irrelevant. Your life and your future become pointless.

It's a fair comparison to look at those who are unemployed long enough ... they become discouraged, stop seeking work, and the government even stops counting them in the primary U.S. unemployment statistics, since the "numb" become so irrelevant. The overriding, unconcerned attitude of officialdom is, "If they stop caring about themselves, why should we?" They consider those detached folks to be out-of-sight, harmless, and non-involved. In other words--no threat to the agendas of the moment.

Are You Ready Yet to React?

Think about how you felt a while back--maybe it was years ago now--when you knew times like this were coming. Perhaps that prescience is what got you involved in crisis preparedness in the first place. You worked and invested yourself in getting ready--in becoming informed on many levels, in preparing your loved ones for the days when everything would change, in positioning your household to weather the storms.

Well, here we are. It's the change we believed would come. It is in process.

Yes, the shock of an incessant, intense rolling series of "disturbances in our force" put many of us on the sidelines for a while. In a way, it's like we couldn't believe our eyes and ears that this is all happening so fast.

But now it's time to get re-engaged. We're at the stage where preparedness is less of an objective, since we are presumably as ready as we can be in that way. It now has to be about awareness, analysis, and activism ... steeling ourselves for the struggle ... re-energizing ourselves as the changes still to come will undoubtedly be coming at us at an accelerating pace.

Stay safe. Be strong.
Get Ready ... Seriously -

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The "Get It Done" Comprehensive Food Package is On Sale!

If you're just now coming to realize that the sun is setting on your chance to prepare for the dark days ahead, well--we have your solution.

Safecastle's "Get It Done" Comprehensive Emergency Storage Food Package is sale priced to get you value and quick peace of mind--increasingly elusive these days. The 84-case food package is made up of the very best storage-food varieties on the market--top quality, fresh from the suppliers, longest shelf lives, the kinds of food Americans are used to eating.

The package is discounted $2250 and it ships free to the lower 48!!

1.2M Calories

What's it really worth to you? Well, this package provides a total of 1.2 million calories. That's 1,200,000 calories! At the level of 2000 calories a day, that translates to 600 days for one adult.

84 different full case food varieties, to include the best freeze dried entrees, wet-pack meats, salt, spices, coffee beans, comfort foods, and more. The top food brands in the marketplace. Everything a body needs to survive and thrive. Canned and packaged to last for years ... decades in fact.

Buyers club members also get a free Excalibur food dehydrator and a can of emergency non-hybrid veggie seeds as a part of the package price.

In times like this, it's critical we put our available funds into assets that will at the very least retain some inherent value. Is there anything that better fills that description than high-quality storage food?
. .
Get Ready ... Seriously -

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Wait is Over; Canned Cheese is Now Shipping

As you probably know, the Bega brand canned cheese and the Red Feather canned cheese are identical--just different labels. Bega is actually the company that produces the cheese and does the canning.

We have sold both labels in the past. Now we are offering the Bega label to you at the exact same low pricing as what the Red Feather cheese was offered for in January of this year.

Buyers club member pricing is $111.20 for a case of 36 7-oz. cans.

This stuff is very popular and getting more so with each shipment that comes ashore here from Australia. For those of us who are into preparedness--it is a perfect addition to the larder. It needs no refrigeration and stores indefinitely. That means years ... decades even!

And of course, as always, it ships free to the lower 48.

Get yours now.
Get Ready ... Seriously -