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Monday, March 11, 2019

XMRE PIZZA Slice with Pepperoni | Get up to 40% Off on XMRE Ready to eat meals | Best prices on Internet

Pizza lovers cheer! Presently you can have your most loved sustenance in a hurry whenever, anyplace! This pepperoni pizza is completely cooked, with heaps of cheddar and pepperoni. It has a timeframe of realistic usability of three years!

List Price: $32.74
MSRP: $47.99 

Save: $15.25 (31.78%)

XMRE - New Arrivals
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List Price: $124.00
MSRP: $162.00 

Save: $38.00 (23.46%)
List Price: $120.00
MSRP: $180.00 

Save: $60.00 (33.33%)
List Price: $133.00
MSRP: $182.00 

Save: $49.00 (26.92%)

List Price: $193.00
MSRP: $235.00 

Save: $42.00 (17.87%)
List Price: $136.00
MSRP: $182.00 

Save: $46.00 (25.27%)
List Price: $103.00
MSRP: $163.00 

Save: $50.00 (30.67%)

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List Price: $105.90
MSRP: $147.00 

save $41.10 (27.96%)
List Price: $105.90
MSRP: $147.00 

save $41.10 (27.96%)
List Price: $105.90
MSRP: $147.00 

save $42.00 (28.57%)

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Never Before Sale On Mountain House Cans I Coupon Codes Inside I Buy More, Save More

Safecastle presents the Best Price Guarantee on Mountain House. We are so confident of our prices that if you find a lower price than ours we will beat it. It does not get better than the 30 Year Shelf Life Guarantee and our Best Price Guarantee hand-in-hand.

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Use Code CASE10 & Get $10 off on Purchase of 2 cases,
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CASE15 & Get $15 off on Purchase of 3 cases,
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CASE20 & Get $20 off on Purchase 4 or more cases,

 Best Price Guarantee, TODAY!

Enough food to power you and your family through whatever comes your way. 

List Price: $163.64,
MSRP: $235.00

Save: 71.36 (30.37%)
List Price: $175.75,
MSRP: $239.94

Save: 64.19 (26.75%)

List Price: $$148.50,
MSRP: $191.94

Save: 43.44 (22.63%)

List Price: $289.99,
MSRP: $235.00

Save: 145.01 (33.34%)

List Price: $103.00,
MSRP: $205.00

Save: 102.00 (49.76%)
List Price: $74.30,
MSRP: $105.00

Save: 30.70 (29.24%)

List Price: $2,899.00,
MSRP: $3221.10

Save: 322.10 (10.00%)
List Price: $4,999.00,
MSRP: $7999.10

Save: 3000.90 (37.51%)
List Price: $7,299.00,
MSRP: $10999.30

Save: 3700.30 (33.64%)

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Mountain House has the highest quality freeze dried food on the market: fresh and fresh frozen ingredients fully cooked to exacting recipes and specifications. But we also have the packaging processes and structures that keep it fresh, for the longest proven shelf life in the industry. Take a look to see how we do it!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

NEW: Freeze Dried Cinnamon Butter Pound Cake, Top Round Beef Cubes, Surplus Mac & Cheese!

Brand new at Safecastle--some traditional American favorites, but with shelf lives of 25 years! These can be had by the individual #10-size can (the Mac & Cheese also lists by the 6-can case).

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

20% off Yoders BACON thru this Friday, 3/17!
A great deal dropped in our lap this week, but the extra discount on cases of Yoders Bacon is good only thru this Friday, March 17. Yep--that's St. Patrick's Day, so be sure to take advantage of this deal BEFORE you get in your cups (if you are so inclined).

Yoders Bacon is legendary and for good reason. Have I ever mentioned that Yoders Bacon is our all-time best-seller?