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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Celebrate your Independence & Self-reliance: Prices slashed on most popular survival products

Our customers a breed apart: Resourceful, Self-reliant!
Take pride in your commitment to independence

This time of year, we celebrate the sacrifices our forefathers made in the cause of liberty and the groundwork they laid for generations of Americans who followed. Today, that can-do spirit is rare, with millions out there incredibly dependent upon Uncle Sugar to provide for their every need.

What makes our work here at Safecastle so satisfying is the fact that our customers are so unique ... oftentimes throwbacks to the type of people who made America great. That is: proud, productive, striving for self sufficiency, independent. We appreciate you and who you are committed to being, whatever the future holds.

ONLY through July 15, we are offering up some of our most popular products at extra steep discounts.