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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Freeze-dried Chicken Patties by the Case or Can: Freshly canned, while supplies last!

Not a common freeze-dried product, these chicken patties are hugely popular when available. Judging by the onset of the bird flu this year, it will probably a good long while before this product is available again, once the current supply is depleted.

With a 25-year shelf life, you can afford to lay-up several cases (or cans), just in case the species become extinct (kidding). 

Sunday, June 01, 2014

June 1st Loyalty Drawing Prize Winner Arrounced.. sign up for a chance to

Loyalty Drawing Prize Winner for June 1st: Customer#11857

Vital Grill Survival Stove

Winner gets it for FREE!! (Retail Value: $87.5) 

With the VitalGrill Stove, you can cook anywhere any time by using whatever dry biological material is at hand as a source of fuel: pieces of wood, paper, cardboard, twigs, straw, natural fibers, charcoal and combustible waste.

Check out the pictures and Video here

This year's Loyalty Royalty program is a slam-dunk in terms of getting something for nothing. In fact, for some, it will be a lot for nothing. Our buyers club members simply need to email us ( and request to be enrolled in the 2014 Loyalty program. That's it! If you are not a member, become one today, click here