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Saturday, October 06, 2018

XMRE Meals Ready to Eat Save 25% Off, Extra 15% off , more MRE options in stock

XMRE (Meals Ready to Eat ) Big Saving Offer
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$150.67 $189.00 
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MRE STAR is dedicated to using only the finest ingredients and the best quality packaging 
materials for the MRE meals. This dedication combined with the most advanced equipment in
the industry guarantees the freshest product with the longest shelf life.

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$105.00 $147.00 
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$98.90 $140.00 
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What Our Customers Say...............

SafeCastle is the best available store to purchase fresh and original EverSafe Ready to Eat Meal Kits (MRE type) manufactured by Wornick Foods. EverSafe is Shelf Stable, Self-Heating, Nutritious, and Portable.

$127.00 $169.00 
save $42.00(24.85%)