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Friday, April 27, 2012

Free Lifetime Membership at Safecastle (or gift certificate if already a member)-Act VERY fast!

Our members get 20% discounts or more on most everything we sell, free shipping to the lower 48, and several buyers incentives and rewards.

This current membership offer is for a VERY limited time so don't put it off ...

If you want a free membership (or if you already a member and would like an equivalent gift certificate), please do the following ...

1. Our favored option - Go to our store at Find a cool listing that you love and like or share it to your Facebook timeline. Include a short, heartfelt explanation as to why it is cool or important. Then go to our Facebook page and click on the message button and point out that you have added it to your timeline so we can have a look. (If only your friends can see your timeline, send me a friend request ... Victor Rantala). You'll also want to message me so I can send you your gift certificate code.

2. If you don't use Facebook, post a link to a favorite listing here in this linked SurvivalistBoards thread: To get the full gift certificate, you will include an image and good, brief reason for why you like the product you are sharing.

3. Caveat: Good product referrals as described above will receive the full gift certificate worth a membership (or current members will receive a $49 gift certificate). That means, it will include an image or one of our vids, and a genuine reason why the product is cool. Something judged less than that will get a $25-value gift certificate or less (toward a membership for non-members). One gift certificate per person. We don't want to make this difficult--or hard to achieve ... on the contrary--we are simply trying to discourage trolls who might have less than honorable intentions.

See our membership terms here.

Please be patient as right now we are swamped with business and emails, etc. I will get back to you with your coupon or gift certificate code as soon as I can.

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