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Saturday, April 21, 2012

This is the Big One: Prepare & Fortify

Best-Ever Mountain House Buying Opportunity for Buyers Club Members -

Sunday, April 22 ... Phase 4 of our ongoing Emergency Food Sweep series of storage food sales kicks in.

All the previously announced sale discounts in the Sweep continue. And of course, the ground-breaking Spring Rebate Offensive cumulative rebates for all foods purchased between April 1 and June 30 ... that's in effect and club members are racking up their rebate earnings as we go.

But This is the Big One

The ever-popular Mountain House cans sale is Phase 4. Important to note--this Mountain House sale lasts only two weeks. As you know, hands-down, Mountain House is the world's premier storage food.

Let's count the ways your savings add up for this awesome MH-buying opportunity ...

1.  We are discounting all Mountain House cans in our store 25% for members and non-members alike--the maximum allowed discount. Of course it ships free to the lower 48.

2.  Buyers club members additionally receive Royalty Rewards gift certificates for qualifying MH can-case purchases--$40 worth for every three cases in a single transaction (good toward the purchase of anything in our store, other than MH cans).

3.  The Spring Rebate Offensive is worth a 3-7% gift certificate rebate on all storage food purchased from April 1-June 30.

Shop the sale here ... needless to say, all our storage foods are shipped fresh from the manufacturer and store for years and years ... in the case of MH cans, they store 30 years or more! That's peace of mind.

I do love this Mountain House video:

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