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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Holiday Sale !!!! Get Extra $100 off on Breeze FAT Tire electric Breeze Bikes. Offer limited, Valid Till Dec 31st. | Breeze Helmet Free on Breeze Miri and Breeze Fat Tire Bike.

A bug out vehicle at a minimum must have:
  • Long range
  • Be able to go off road 
  • Capacity to carry stuff 
  • Be fast 
  • Be able to go through snow, mud or water 
Breeze bikes come with meet many of these needs.

These bikes go upto 45 miles on a single charge, are built for off roads and mountains (check out the video below), come with a powerful 500W motor and shock absorbers for a comfortable ride. Can easily navigate snow (check out picture below of Breeze Miri in snow). 

Not only you get $100 off on bikes you also get Breeze Helmet for Free

(Retail Value $49.99)

Use Code BREEZE100 to get Extra $100 Off  
on Checkout of every Breeze Fat Tire, Electric Mountain Bike

List Price: $1399.00,
MSRP: $2599.00

Save: $1200.00 (46.17%)
List Price: $1199.00,
MSRP: $2599.00

save: $1400.00(53.87%)

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Veterans Day Sale Extra $150 off on Breeze Pro & $100 off on Breeze FAT Tire electric Breeze Bikes back in Stock | Members Save extra

With over a decade of experience successfully selling various bikes in the marketplace, we've sold everything from; Commuter Bikes, Hybrids, Mountain, and even a Folding bike designed to carry on backs of  Army Paratroopers while jumping out of Airplanes! These 14+ years gave us the much needed personal experience, buyer feedback, product reviews, suggestions and bike trends.
We launched the Breeze, Fat-Tire Electric Bike (500w,48V)  , Breeze Ninja Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike (500W, 48V) & Breeze Miri Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike (500w,48V) and we received a ton of good feedback and reviews. We now have fresh stock, going fast!
We have now upgraded, our bikes to Breeze Pro Fat-Tire Electric Bike (750W,48V, 11.6Ah) with Samsung cells plus 790 LED Display with USB Ports and Metal Fenders, Black on Black Fat Tire bike.
Only 7 left in Stock!

Use Code BREEZE100 to get Extra $100 Off on Checkout of every
 Breeze Fat Tire , Electric Mountain Bike
List Price: $1399.00,
MSRP: $2599.00

Save: $1200.00 (46.17%)

Price $1299.00,
MSRP $2499.00

save $1200.00(48.02%)
Price $1399.00,
MSRP $2599.00

save $1200.00(46.17%)
Price $45.00,
MSRP $95.00

save $50.00(52.63%)

Use Code BREEZE150 to get Extra $150 Off on Checkout of every
Breeze Pro Fat-Tire Electric Bike 
Price $1599.00,
MSRP $2499.00

save $900.00(36.01%)

Breeze Bike as Bug out Bike ? Check customer email below... 

This is what Scott had to say (verified buyer) 

"Breeze Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike - 500W, 48V
Very good sturdy bike it is exactly as described. Shipped extremely fast and the Customer service is second to none. They will respond to Emails promptly and were in constant contact from the time I purchased to delivery with updates on the order status and even after delivery to ensure I was completely satisfied! I would recommend this bike to anyone and have done so already. We've had many curious people approach it and complement it for it's abilities and build quality. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you again"

Consider Other Emergency items

Price $23.33 ,
MSRP $35.00

save $11.67(33.34%)
Price $19.99  ,
MSRP $23.00

save $3.01(13.09%)
Price $169.00 ,
MSRP $227.00

save $58.00(25.55%)

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MSRP $609.23

save $300.00(49.24%)
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MSRP $59900

save $200.00(33.39%)