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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our First "Safecastle 7-Day Riot"

We are going to see if we can survive a big new idea by my son, Ben.

The objective is to dig up cool new products--somehow preparedness related, of course--and introduce them to our customers at the absolute lowest price possible.

This will only work with most of these products if we discount them for no longer than 7 days. After that, many of them will remain in our store at more reasonable pricing.
I am not sure if we will be doing this weekly, every other week, or some random period that emerges out of necessity based on our overall workload. But all that matters right now is this first "7-Day Riot."

Safecastle 7-Day Riot: 11/25 - 12/2

Safecastle 7-Day Riot, first installment (click here), consists of three new products that we have been invited to acquire at some extra-discounted wholesale pricing ...

An anti-bacterial UV light wand -- I purchased one of these a couple of months ago to test it. I like it. It seems to do the trick, as I have not been sick, although everyone else in the household has been (with H1N1, our clinic believes).

The wand is fast and great for keyboards of all kinds, doorknobs, desktops, tabletops, mail, bathroom and kitchen counters, and just about any other kind of solid surface you can think of.

Note that these battery-operated UV wands are NOT for use on skin and you must take care not to shine them toward your eyes.

The Garmin Nuvi 550 GPS -- a very versatile and portable GPS unit for on-road and off-road use.

A Wind 'N Go Freedom Shaver -- a multi-power, wind-up shaver with three floating and rotating heads.

No power? No problem--get a full shave with one minute of winding.
I'm not a blade man. In fact, I like my facial hair, so a power outage doesn't scare me. But if my teenage son's peach fuzz gets too wild, this baby is going to keep his girlfriends happy (don't tell him I said that).

Actually, I do selectively shave my face and I will be well-groomed as well, come hell or high water.

Happy Thanksgiving

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving. Surely, we all still do have much to be grateful for in America. Be sure to stop, reflect on the goodness in your life, and thank God for his blessings and mercies.
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We Should Prepare for Biological Terrorism

Interesting ...

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

EU President Rompuy States the Need for Global Governance is Here and Now

In this two-and-a-half-minute November 19 snippet, new EU President Rompuy plainly confirms the economic, social, and environmental "needs" for global governance. "Our aspirations for greater security and justice," he says, make the objective of "global management of our planet" clear.

For some great insight on Rompuy, see Joel Rosenberg's blog post today.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We are in this Fight for You

Roli Delgado, the mixed martial arts fighter we sponsored in UFC 105, was seen around the world this past Saturday night in a very tough matchup. He was KOed but is now just fine and back with his family in the USA. He told me this morning that he's a fighter, that he feels great, and he's ready to get right back to business.

It struck me afterwards that his great attitude has a lot to do with who we are at Safecastle, and I know with you as well. Preparedness is about nothing at all if it is not about getting back up again and getting back to work after being knocked down.

Thanks, Roli, for the opportunity to have some of your fighting spirit rub off on us. We look forward to your next fight--and ours too.
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New Safecastle Marketplace Forum

At the Survival Podcast site, we now have our own Safecastle marketplace forum. Feel free to start up a thread there if you have any comments or questions, etc. Ben, my son, is going to be moderating our forum, so let's keep him busy!

BTW, if you are not familiar with Jack Spirko's excellent podcasts and the broad range of survival resources at his site--check it out.
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48 Hours Left on Food Sale

Only two more days for our current sale prices on the canned Red Feather butter and cheese package, as well as the many other new food products listed in our sale category.
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Safecastle-Sponsored Roli Delgado on UFC 105 Card Tonight

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting is one of the hottest spectator events in the world today.

We at Safecastle are proud to be a new sponsor of lightweight UFC fighter Roli Delgado. Roli is a great young man ... an educated, well-spoken family man with the heart of a lion and octagon skills that few can match.

UFC 105 tonight is on Spike TV, for free, at 8pm Eastern. The headline bout is the legendary Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera.

Roli is on the undercard and his bout vs. Andre Winner may or may not make the televised lineup. Regardless, if MMA, an intense combat sport, is to your liking (and obviously, it is not for everyone), tune in.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

U.S. Veterans: THANK YOU!

Today, approximately 1 in 10 Americans serve their country in the US military, defending freedom. We again salute each and every one of those top 10 percenters!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Folding, Portable Bike Trailer Now Available to Go with Our Folding Bikes

Just in time for gift giving ...

If you are like me, you are determined to give gifts that you know will be at least practical, if not downright life-saving.

As such, I could present you with a very long list of suggestions for your upcoming gift-buying season.

But I will limit this entry to one brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea that I have been working on for some time, and just now have managed to bring to fruition at Safecastle Royal.

That is, we now have a quality, folding, portable bike trailer--the Quik-Pak--that will work with pretty much any bicycle ... but which we feel perfectly complements our folding bicycle lines--the famous Montague and SwissBike bicycles.

You can see all our folding bike and trailer listings here.

Short-Duration Sale Pricing

Right now, I have discounted our best-selling Paratrooper folding bike and the Quik-Pak trailer so that buyers club members save a whopping 24% off each. It goes without saying by now that they also ship free to the lower 48.

Bottom line--one Paratrooper and one Quik-Pak will cost a buyers club member a total of $899.84, shipped.

Or, buy one or the other separately and get the same 24%-off pricing for the next few days only. (Or select any of our Montague or SwissBike models at the 20%-off member discount.)

I can't go long with this sale because it will break me. But I am so pumped about the trailer, I want to make sure as many of you as possible have a good shot at getting it home quickly.

Why? Well, the way things are going out there in the world, I keep thinking that any number of scenarios could bring about a big disruption in our fragile and complex system of supply lines--especially oil and gas. No gasoline, what are you gonna do?

I for one will be hopping on my Paratrooper and hitching up my trailer (a family gift this season--shhh!) when needed. As long as the legs work, we'll get by.
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