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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Phase 3 of Our Most Aggressive Emergency Food Sale Ever

Take advantage of our most ambitious U.S. emergency-food sale ever ... a building series of food sales over the course of about 12 weeks. We're discounting most every kind of emergency food line in our store during the Emergency-Food Sweep!

As of now, Phase-3 discounts have been activated:

That means, at Safecastle, we are up to 54 food listings at maximum discount to this point! (And next week we launch our next maximum-discount Mountain House sale!)

Remember--we are also offering to our buyers club members cumulative Spring Rebate Gift Certificates on ALL emergency food purchased at Safecastle from April 1 through June 30!

Summary: In addition to our standard FREE shipping for everyone on everything we sell, and the 20%+ club member discounts on most everything we sell, and our Mountain House Member Rewards incentives, we're now also offering up our own hard-charging spring stimulus package including these limited-time sale discounts and purchase rebates!

View offer details here.

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