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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

These are sad days ...

... for anyone old enough to recall an America of peace, prosperity, and liberty ... when bad guys were recognized and punished ... and good guys were, well, the good guys were us and we didn't have to try to make a case for that fact or apologize.

Today's norm? ... Fear of traffic stops, regularly scheduled "Days of Rage," open season on law enforcement, sanctioned racial warfare, overturning of natural laws, and the judicial denigration of the Bill of Rights. 
Many of us saw this coming, though it is still shocking to see it come to fruition the way it has. It's why Safecastle came about and why we have grown and we continue to provide what is possibly going to save countless  lives in the not too distant future. Stay safe!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Looks like you'll make it to 2016

Congratulations one and all. Another dog-eared calendar to add to the pile (if you're into collecting old calendars). May 2016 be safe, healthy and prosperous for you and your loved ones!
Tonight the ball drops at Times Square and almost as noteworthy, our offers below expire at the stroke of midnight. Shop till you drop and get your preps topped off because the new year promises to be an adventure for sure.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Preppers Shipping Advisory ... Want it by September 10?

We've been asked, and we fully understand the concern many might be having at this point ...

September of this year is full of question marks and red letter dates for preppers. It seems most of those dates occur after about Sept. 10.

So if you are looking for your Safecastle order to arrive by about September 10--please try to place your order by the end of August. That gives us and our suppliers and the shippers adequate time to process your order.

(There are exceptions--such as SurvivalCave meats, which sometimes require up to two weeks to deliver.)

Bottom line: we're fully on-board with the sense of urgency--please place your orders as early as possible. This month is already hugely busy and if it gets any more so as we get closer to September, supply inventories can be affected.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Market-Meltdown Wake-up Call from Safecastle

This is your wake-up call ... don't snooze
Markets melting down, systems failing, panic spreading

Getting right to the point--the slide toward anarchy may have begun. Global investors are in full retreat. Greece lit the fuse, China spilled the gasoline. Wall Street and the other financial centers around the world are in turmoil. Starvation and panic is already front and center in Greece. In Europe and in Asia, banks and brokerages are unable to help their clients. It's all spreading in rapid fashion and one does not need much imagination to realize what comes soon after the inevitable rioting in the streets.
From where we sit--we can tell you with certainty and experience what happens in the preparedness marketplace. Supplies are depleted in no time. Backorders stretch into months. Factories shutdown when raw materials become unavailable. 
Bottom line--we can't promise we will be able to help you stock-up once the SHTF.
In the meantime, we ARE here, watching the news as closely as I'm sure you are, praying for the best, filling orders, making necessities available at the best prices we can swing.

Note that through July 15, we are still offering up some of our most popular products at extra steep discounts, while they remain available.  

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

It's not the time to be comfortably numb!

A little stream-of-consciousness here ... based largely on what I am finding myself doing right now.

1.  There is a strong tendency right now to slide down in the swivel chair to just watch the markets and the global headlines. Maybe still denying internally that this might really be the beginning of the long-expected crash.

2.  Intellectually, it sure seems to fit the bill ... everything as it is now happening may in fact be accelerating downhill with little chance of it reversing course, even temporarily. The trick here may be to actually square up with that fact emotionally, calmly, with a focus on next steps.

3.  Not nearly the time yet to think bugging out or bunkering up, but to embrace the fact that at this point we are still ahead of the game in comparison to almost everybody else out in the meat world.

4.  So how to use that early advantage? That's the question of the day. The answer means something a bit different for each prepper, but this is that hoped-for early warning before TSHTF. Maybe.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Beware the Greek Canary! Watch and learn ... finish your preps now

The dominoes have begun to fall. It will be a relatively slow-motion cascade of crises from now through the next several weeks and mere handful of months.

The Greek default will turn out to be the trigger event that will cause not only a catastrophe in Greece, but will also quickly spread through much of Europe. The falling dominoes will ultimately criss-cross the globe, as the central banks fail to push the inevitable any further down the road.

Every day the news coverage will show the spreading fear and destruction, though some mainstream media outlets may try to keep it all on the low down.

Preppers Want a Warning Sign

Most folks have seen this coming for a long time, but we really have wanted a big flare in the sky or a warning shot across the bow to let us know that the expected collapse is imminent. Well consider this Greek debt default to be the early warning sign for your final preps if you are in North America.

Those in Europe--the urgency for you to make ready is great.

Astute and discerning preppers have already begun to move on this over the last 24 hours. If there is one thing I know it is the preparedness marketplace. This is already showing to be one of those rare events that will bring about panic buying of preps--particularly long-term storage food--to the point where suppliers will quickly have their warehouses emptied and customer waiting lists will stretch out for months.

I've been in the business for long enough that I have seen it happen two or three times. It hurts and it's frustrating. But it does happen and I put it today at about a 75% chance of happening again, starting this week.

Be forewarned. Stay safe.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Context and Perspective Shapes the Prepper

by JC Refuge
It’s always about perspective or context when you really think about it.
Some folks prepare for crises because their broad horizons allow them to see the risks out there, near and far.
Not to mention that sometimes a few folks actually get walloped over the head with a major catastrophe. Then once through it, their own world context is forever changed.

Your Wide-Angle View
Unfortunately, you probably know more people whose focal point is not much beyond their own nose, as opposed to the number of people you know who are paying attention to what is around the next bend. When we are long-sighted, those friends’ shortsightedness seems, well, short sighted. And of course for those people who are looking only at the ends of their noses, they cannot possibly understand the things we are seeing out there in the world or relate to the kinds of things we want to talk with them about as we scan the possibilities.
Context. We all play in our own sandbox. There’s really no other way.
But some of us are doing our own thing as well as keeping an eye on many of the world’s fences and backyards where all that trouble is down the block. Will it reach our own little paradise way over here where the context is just fine today?
None of us can be sure. Yet I can’t help but notice how many of you here are also digging pretty deep in your pile of sand and squirreling away acorns for “just in case.”
Regardless of whatever other context you are playing in there, I can relate.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stop. Deep breath. Gut-check time ...

Anyone else feeling the hairs start to rise? 
I've been in the crisis preparedness business a long time now. I've been through a lot of periods where genuine crises, catastrophes, and tragedies have twisted the macro guy-wires about as tight as they will go. But we are in uncharted territory here.
Today, if you are still paying close attention, you recognize that the tension on society's many key guy wires are at the breaking point.
"If you are still paying close attention" is an important qualifier here. Over time, conditions where taut, massively stressful environments can assume the position of a redefined "normal" and you can ease into a numbingly comfortable pocket of denial. 
  • The towering global economy has been sketched, stretched, and become so far-fetched that it quite simply is now a giant, swaying Jenga-saster teetering toward its long-delayed, earth-shaking tumble.
  • International tensions across the globe are gearing up to levels not seen since pre-WWII ... and hot wars without boundaries are quite possibly imminent.
  • Social, racial, political, and religious confrontations are extending beyond acceptable restraints into the realm of criminal assaults and incendiary media driven cheerleading.
  • And speaking of criminals ... is anyone else having a hard time separating the good guys from the bad guys?
Today, our own country's power complex has assumed the attitude that its own people ... the traditional, conservative backbone of America ... pose the greatest "terrorist threat" to their own continuity.
Gut-Check Time
I don't really know where the breaking point will turn out to be or in what order the cascade of events will take place. But if you have managed to keep from being lulled into a sense of ill-timed complacency, then you will likely agree with me that we are now well into a period we might call primetime for a prepper gut-check.
Clearly the bottom is falling out. Support structures are failing and any social safety nets will be torn away. If you haven't gotten all your gear and supplies squared away by now and started focusing on critical security and self-defense issues, then you are behind the curve, my friends. 
At least that's what my gut tells me.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Are you prepared for a storm, tornado or even a nuclear event ? Protect with Safecastle Shetlters

Safe Castle Shelters
Safecastle fallout shelters, storm shelters and safe rooms are the absolute best protective option a household, business, or community association can have in a world of uncertainty and danger. Lifetime guarantee of structural integrity; our builder's track record of decades of work is unparallelled in the industry. Qu 
ite simply, Safecastle is in the business of providing steel-plated peace of mind. Over 500 shelters have been built in the last 15 years and have literally saved lives.
Storm Shelter 
Safecastle shelters are designed by a structural engineer certified in every one of the continental United States.

Our Storm Shelters (and fallout shelters) meet or exceed all F.E.M.A. guidelines.
Our shelters are designed and certified to withstand an F-5 tornado and then some. Many shelters on the market are made for 250mph winds (up to a medium-range F-4 tornado). Our shelters are built to hold off any F-5 winds and beyond, up to 330mph! (Not seen on THIS planet!)
Fallout Shelters

Safecastle prefabricated Fallout Shelters are made of steel up to 7/16" thick. 

The primary differences between our storm shelters and our fallout shelters are found in modifications to the door, steps, and air vents to make them virtually impervious to radiological, biological, or chemical contamination. They are also referred to as NBC shelters (protecting from Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical contamination). 
3D models of our 50-foot Military-grade Fallout
This shelter can be made smaller or larger to fit any needs or wants that you may have. We can add bedrooms, more storage, gun safes, beds...the possibilities are literally endless.
For more detail on our 3D Model click here

We Custom Build 

Our shelters are ideal for churches, fire departments, town halls, schools, etc. We now build large shelters for businesses and communities. Our safe rooms can go inside any home or building that is going to be built, or outside existing homes or businesses. In order to place orders you need to call us and we will take it from there. 

Why we don't have pricing ? Pricing on shelters depend on size, grade, location (as your order will include shipping costs), also if you would like to customize shelters with additional products (see below) therefore best way to get started on a Shelter is to call Amber at 
1-877-673-2394 or email

Complete Filter Replacement Set


AC / DC Safe Cell


Complete NBC Filtration Package

Turtle Tuffe Shelter 
The Turtle Tuff is not a tent, but a very strong home away from home. It can be used in an emergency (earthquake, hurricane, etc.) to relocate to a safe area and with a few hours set up, have a safe dwelling for the family in any weather.
For more details click here

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What will anchor you through the coming storms?

What are your anchors in life? In other words, what is it that you absolutely rely on, believe in, and live for?

In major crisis those anchors are hopefully going to be solid enough to keep you from being swept away in the madness and chaos.
God, family, home, country, money, liberties, work, booze, drugs, sex ... the options are many. Some of them obviously are going to be more effective than others in getting you through tough times.

Time to Reassess and Batten Down?
Make your own judgment as to where we are headed, but it seems that we are at an auspicious point in history. We who are here now to sail through these increasingly turbulent seas are not all going to make it to shore.
If you want to get there, you must look very carefully at what it is that you want to live for and what it is you think will help you make it.
Consider too that a few of those "givens" on the short list above may just disappear suddenly. Or they may be transformed into unrecognizable shadows of themselves. If that happens, you might find yourself confusingly adrift.
Tie-down to more than one solid mooring. Get yourself right with God and your family in particular. All else may be little more than shifting sands.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Does Over-reacting Improve Survivability?

The hair-on-fire approach is not productive.
by JC Refuge

Given the rather cyclical nature of the global threat environment, and the current spate of ominous rumblings in some circles, it's time for another common-sense pep talk.
Perspective: We’re in the business of selling preps, from prefab steel fallout shelters to emergency food, water filtration to security systems, and on and on. So some people out there are puzzled when they find that we always recommend systematic, calm preparedness efforts ... that we do not subscribe to the "scare 'em into spending money" marketing approach. We’re just real people helping others to get squared away.
Here's the pitch we do offer: Do NOT panic.

Breathe Deep
Are you on the verge of freaking out over something that MIGHT happen in the future? Hey, it does happen--often to some very smart, regular folks who normally live with their feet firmly planted on terra firma.
Our free universal advice is, do not sell everything you own and move to the boonies, or liquidate your investments. Do not put all your resources into your mattress and do not quit your job and warn your family that the end is near, just because someone on the internet or some situation in the news has gotten your undies in a bundle.
Chances are VERY strong that near-term impact on your life is going to be minor for anything brewing right now. There's really no need to go into all the current risks, as there is always timely motivation out there for being prepared for danger. Always.
Still, there are entire internet communities whose reason for being is to ride the waves of potential disaster, and when you are being honest about it, you have to conclude that that world is really about adrenaline rushes and power trips.
No matter what day it is, or what season in the Mayan calendar of doom, if you want to do the right thing for your family, chill. Realize that there are ALWAYS reasons out there to think everything is coming apart.
Personally, I've been prepping for 35 years to varying degrees, and I can tell you straight up--it is not healthy to ride the roller coaster of fear for very long. Neither is it conducive to maintaining a solid household financial structure. And worst of all--getting all wrapped around the axle over the threats du jour will almost certainly do serious damage to personal relationships.

Seek Peace of Mind
The most important goal in preparedness is about achieving peace of mind. It should NOT be about trying to defend or validate your worst fears, about blaming others for imagined difficulty, and it should not be about becoming habitually on the brink of panic.
If and when major crisis actually does come calling, you need to be mentally prepared to deal with it. Stay cool now and maybe you will be able to handle tough situations in the future. Work on that and it is bound to help.
If you feel panicked or a very urgent need to overreact right now, imagine what you might do in truly stressful, life-testing situations. You can have all the preps in the world, but if you can't stay reasonably in charge of your faculties, you won't stand a chance when the chips are down.
Again, bottom line:
1. Decide to progress at an affordable pace on a program that will improve your household's readiness.
2. Resist the urge to proseletyze your fears with those around you as your credibility and respect will take a hit when the worst does not come to pass as you "know" it will. (It never does.)
The logic of prepping is undeniable. Bad stuff happens to someone out there every day. It MAY fall to you and yours someday. But the odds remain long in your favor that life will continue on quite nicely if you stay on a reasonable path that is balanced between your normal everyday obligations and the need to prepare for POSSIBLE downturns in fortune.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Credibility is Crucial for Preppers

by JC Refuge

Here's a topic that's worth a book … or at least a whole chapter in a behavioral self-help volume. But time is money and no one's paying here, so I'll try to spare us too many of the embellishments and get down to the basics.

Context example in the military/intell community
Long ago and far away, a young intelligence analyst in the field was slaving away at collating and analyzing info collected from all available sources for the weekly general staff briefing. The Warsaw Pact forces across the border were in a definite upswing in exercise activity (which always had an NBC focus). This particular point in time found an unusual massing of East German, Czech, and Russian tank and motorized rifle divisions within several clicks of the border with West Germany. Soviet missile forces were also geared up and hauling their missiles to and fro’ in the countryside. The young analyst sensed that this might be something truly out of the ordinary, given some of his superiors’ obviously increased tension. This was soon confirmed when the Intel Center's full-bird commander took it upon himself to calmly commit his opinion to the general staff that this was the real deal coming down the autobahn … that the proverbial balloon was poised to launch. Interestingly, the general staff seemed concerned, but not at all panicked like a few of their underlings. Nonetheless, they reacted by placing their divisions on an elevated alert status.
The young analyst, through the process of regularly changing his shorts, learned much that week about the games played by the superpowers during the Cold War.
But most enduring of all was the lesson delivered on credibility--how important it is to have it when you need it, and how easily it can be frittered away. The aforementioned full-bird held the respect of the generals and they followed his advice, taking steps to increase defensive preparations for West Germany in case the colonel was right.
Obviously, though, he was wrong. And shortly thereafter, the colonel retired to his spread in Virginia. Be assured … no tears were shed. The colonel was aged beyond his years and had performed his duties well through his accomplished career. In the end, he took responsibility for a move that he felt someone had to make. He had the stuff it took to make things happen, and people would listen to him, so he made the call. Yes, it unfairly cost him some small measure of his accumulated credibility with the general staff, and perhaps hastened the end of his career somewhat, but what good is credibility when you don’t use it when needed?
Or worse yet, what good are you if you don't have any credibility built up to draw from when you come to that point in time when you need people to listen?

Why is YOUR credibility important as a prepper?
OK, so the fate of the free world does not depend on your reading of the signs. And we can all be thankful for that. ;) But by golly, if you have friends and family whom you’d like to be able to influence, either now or later, then your credibility is key. Do you have it with them now? Will they listen and trust you when it's most important that they do? For some of them, the best gift you could give may be reason to respect what you have to tell them.
If your credibility with those closest to you is shot or could use improvement, don’t despair. You’re in the company of thousands of other preppers who could use a credibility boost. It comes with the territory … just like it does in the intelligence business. The good news is that, what you do from this moment forward can serve to begin repairing and managing that credibility so that it’s there when you decide you really, really need it.

If you build it they will come
Credibility is people measuring how deserving you are of their confidence … how capable you are of being believed.
In other words, it's about how you present yourself and your opinions. Yes, you are responsible for how others view you. Take responsibility for it and work on it and you might be surprised at how persuasive you can be with those around you.

Nine real-world tips
... many readily apparent, and maybe a few that aren't for some …
1. Don’t lie. Don’t exaggerate. It will be noted and remembered.
2. Manage your emotions. Even when feeling stressed and feeling an urgency about a situation, stay calm and present your point of view rationally and as matter-of-factly as possible. Don’t be drawn into emotional arguments.
3. Cultivate the belief within yourself that the world is open to many interpretations and outcomes. Respect that and then gracefully grant the right for others to disagree with you.
4. Restrict yourself to sharing info and views that fall within the realm of conventional wisdom. Few “trailblazers” or “out of the box thinkers” ever score credibility points for sharing unconventional thought processes, and those that do often are credited for those points only long after they are dead.
5. Do not “invest in” or commit yourself to any one outcome or analysis. More often than not, it will be wrong. Always couch your presentations in terms like “possible,” “potential for,” “something to consider,” etc.
6a. Present even “important facts” as being interesting to consider, but not critical to embrace, even when you might think otherwise.
6b. Present your analyses/forecasts as being a possible read or outcome; not the only read or outcome.
7. Admit your humanity. When the facts change, openly adjust your thinking.
8. Don't take yourself too seriously. Confidently exhibit a sense of humor about your perspectives.
9. Assume a wise and stoic personna, even when others are expressing views counter to your own. Choose very carefully your opportunities for getting across the most important points. “Evangelists” rarely are seen as credible by most people.

The old-fashioned way
Respect and credibility are closely related … they are both earned with discipline and commitment. You can get by without it, but be aware that you'll be traveling alone.

Monday, February 03, 2014

"Fear & Greed Index" Burying the Needle in "Extreme Fear"

Been watching this lately ... now close to burying the needle in "Extreme Fear."

Click here for the 7 indicators on which this index is currently built and updated.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't be Vulnerable to Fear and Intimidation ... Prepare, Grow, Stand for What's Right

It's increasingly obvious even to the administration's previous lapdogs (Bill Maher, Piers Morgan) that they and indeed WE the voters have empowered a boldly tyrannical executive branch to run roughshod over traditional American values, our Constitutional liberties, the judicial system, and to American citizens of all demographics who stand in the way of their frightening vision for our country.

Deception and manipulation were the recognized political methods in play in this administration's first term in office. This second term has quickly shifted public awareness to the forceful, lawless power projection being used against opponents via any and all tools available at the administration's disposal.

Few individuals inside or outside the system have had the courage to stand up to defy this clear and present threat to America. Those who have have been abused and pilloried.

Yet, the series of outrageous scandals erupting in the media in the last two weeks have put these thugs on notice that there is still some fight left in us and that maybe, just maybe, we aren't going to take it anymore.

I pray that is the truth of the matter.

How to Solidify YOUR Stance

If you intend to be a part of the solution going forward, then you need to ready your stance right now.

1.  Prepare ... in any and every fashion your circumstances allow. I shouldn't need to tell you what that means, but I'd suggest a complete look at everything from laying up personal resources and supplies to bolstering your self-defense capabilities and firming up your spiritual foundation.

2.  Gather your resolve ... This fight may get ugly. Pain and suffering may be paying many of us a visit. Ask yourself right now if our objective--saving the America we grew up to know and love--is worth that price. When you come to the correct conclusion, get busy fortifying your inner determination. In other words, get your game face on.

3.  Be heard ... Fear and concern over losing a personal, comfy way of life keeps many silent in the face of oppression and tyranny. Stand and be heard now while your voice still counts for something. There is power in numbers. Your silence implies consent to the powers that be. Many times throughout history such acquiescence by populations have eventually resulted in genocide. Don't think that it cannot happen here. Don't let that even become a possibility.

Prepare and fortify for a fight that is still political but that could conceivably morph into a crisis not seen in this land by anyone still breathing.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No New Taxes! Contact your Reps Today! Internet Tax being snuck thru the Senate

Reid and Obama are pushing thru the Senate the Internet Taxation bill that quite simply is just another way to enact a huge new tax on consumers, under the guise of "fairness." 

Fairness to who, you might ask? Well, to big business of course ... those gigantic operations who pay their CEOs and other execs multi-millions while pleading that they are suffering greatly at the hands of the small business people of our nation who are trying their best to create jobs and make a living. Bottom line ... this is another key move by the continually growing corporate/governmental conglomeration that is looking to exact more and more of your hard earned money thru legislation like this.

This taxation bill is sneaky fast in the way it has suddenly come to the surface and is being voted on today without time for publicity or debate. If this bill becomes law, it will directly affect your pocketbook as well as cost countless American jobs (internet-related jobs will move off-shore and American small businesses will shut down).

If the Senate approves this bill today, the last chance for stopping this big new tax is in the House. Obama has endorsed the tax. 

More here and a form that allows you to contact your Senator ...

Monday, April 08, 2013

Subjugation vs. Liberty: The essence of the global struggle ... Will there be resistance?

It wasn't that long ago that a strong sense of personal morality was NOT the exception to the rule.

In Western cultures, adherence to principles respecting personal liberties and the value of every individual were embraced with deep-seated feeling.

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" ... that was the 7-word summary of America, and it was what many of our friends around the world strove to achieve.

However, over the last 20 years, and especially in the last 5 years, respect for the individual has been completely negated and transposed with a massive institutional march to control and subjugate the masses. You and I are no longer citizens with valid opinions or beliefs, or with the freedom to act of our own free will. We are all now simply part of the whole.

Everything that is being done now in the macro by our wise leaders clearly shows an intent on their part not to represent us, but to bundle and shrink-wrap us for easy accounting and management.

  • Obamacare--sold to us as a way to save money--is now clearly revealed to be about forcing lifestyle management and compliance for all, at reduced quality and far greater cost than previous healthcare models.
  • Immense, immoral growth of national and household debt is irrevocably encumbering our future and the future of our children with impossible-to-escape chains of economic slavery.
  • Job losses, price inflation, and mushrooming tax obligations for all income levels are crumbling the foundation of what was said to be the last remaining superpower of the 20th century.
  • Unbridled explosions in the growth of "homeland security" assets and the dissolving of Constitutional liberties in America have stunned citizens into disbelief and paralysis.
  • Shocking characterizations by the government's security apparatus of the Judeo-Christian values that built this country as actually now being those of extremist-terrorists are turning what's left of the America of yesteryear on its head. 
  • The Jeffersons, Lincolns, Churchills, Reagans, and Thatchers of our past are demonized by our children's educators and our media's talking heads, paving the way for a smooth transition to global leftist governance and population control. 
  • Political correctness has stifled public debate and created an effective mind-control mechanism that prevents and punishes individual thought and clear self-expression.

What is left to do to complete the transition? It's all on the table now.

Will it indeed be a quiet, meek and submissive surrender by the billions of souls on this earth to the few who see themselves as superior and aim to prove it? Or will there be resistance?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Apocalimericks Winner #1

Apocalimericks winner #1, from Pistol Pete:

“If ever one needed a life
Prepper Pete does,” said his frustrated wife.
“’Stead of dinner and dancing,”
he said, “I’ll skip the romancing …
for my birthday I’ll take the new knife.”

For contest details, see: