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Monday, September 26, 2016

Non-GMO Vegetarian Emergency Food Buckets: Up to 44% off, FREE Shipping!


100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO, no hydrogenated oils, trans fats, or MSG.
Up to 20-year shelf life!

Limited time offer: Up to 44% off ... club members save $62 per bucket! FREE shipping

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Up to 53% off Lindon Farms Freeze Dried 25-year Food!

Up to 53% off Lindon Farms Foods!
Talk about blowout pricing!

These are the biggest freeze-dried discounts we have to offer. Lindon Farms is the best economy-priced, top-quality, long-term storage food on the market. Moreover, they offer some fantastic, unique varieties unavailable anywhere else. We have never had a complaint about the food and it is one of the most popular brands out there.

At these prices (offered for 10 days only), stocking up is a no-brainer. If you've been looking to add solid components to your emergency larder at an affordable price, this is it--let 'er rip.

Of course, on top of the huge discounts and our ubiquitous FREE shipping, all buyers club member purchases result in 2016 Member Reward Points! (The payoff on that is just around the corner!)

Examples of our Current Lindon Farms Blowout Discounts ...

Lindon Farms
2-Month Package 

19 different meals, 2000 calories a day for one person

50% off!

Lindon Farms
Freeze Dried Veggies 

6 varieties, 160 servings, 
20-year shelf life

53% off!

Lindon Farms 
Freeze Dried Bananas

120 servings of fruity goodness for snacks and meals

47% off!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mountain House Cans & Pouches Now Rated at 30 Years Shelf Life!

Valid Real-World Testing Proves MH is the Best!

Today, July 26, Mountain House is making it official--both their #10 cans and pouches are good on the shelf for 30 years! (from 25 years and 12 years respectively)
What's more, this change is retroactive to all MH foods purchased in the last 30 years, regardless of what may be imprinted on those cans and pouches!  
Just in time for the end of our July Mountain House Sale--up to 46% off!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mountain House Food is Back! Up TO 46% OFF, plus gift certificate incentives

Last August a sudden onslaught of customer orders fully depleted the stock of Mountain House canned food at the factory warehouses. The word PANIC clearly applies. Since then, it's been very difficult to find the varieties you want out there.

But now--most of the canned varieties are available again to Safecastle customers! All factory-fresh! Shipped direct from the factory and from our warehouses within one week

How long will inventories last? Who knows? But right now the gettin' is good.

And you know us ... we love our blockbuster MH sales, so we're going all-in with discounts on MH canned food of between 32% to 46%!

PLUS buyers club members receive Safecastle reward gift certificates for their qualifying MH purchases! 

Now you know for sure ... Safecastle loves you!  ;-)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Sun Oven blowout offer! - Renovo Trios marked down! - New: Augason Farms food!

See our latest huge discount offers here.

Whole eggs are back! Check out the great deals on canned butter, bacon, chicken breasts, chocolate candies, Sun Ovens, Renovo Trios, and more!

A Whole New Set of Storage Food Opportunities

One of the most exciting developments for us at Safecastle in a long time ... we're now offering Augason Farms foods. Augason Farms has been a premier storage food provider since the early 1970s. Their unique, delicious products fill gaps in our already vast range of storage foods that our customers have been asking for for quite some time!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

BEST Price on Red Feather Canned Butter!

A lot of folks have told us that Red Feather canned butter is the best butter they've ever tasted. The fact that it needs no refrigeration and lasts for decades makes it a staple for every prepping larder today.

Today we are offering what we believe to be the BEST price anywhere on a full case of Red Feather butter:

Buyers club members, log-in for your "BEST-ER" price.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

SurvivalCave Canned Meats ON SALE: Brand w/ Highest Customer Ratings!

Best Customer Rated Canned Meats--Indefinite Shelf life!

For a short time only ... big discounts on the canned wet-pack meats with the highest customer ratings! Chicken, beef, pork, turkey, and ground beef. Shipped fresh from the manufacturer in 3-10 days (based on current demand)--free to the lower 48 states. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mountain House Educates Consumers: When Long-Term Emergency Food Isn’t

Third party study finds wide range of oxygen levels in popular brands

Albany, Ore. – February 16, 2015 – Mountain House, the best-selling brand of camping, backpacking, and 
emergency preparedness meals, released results today of a recent study designed to inform consumers how 
popular brands of emergency meals manage oxygen levels, a critical element in long term emergency food.  
This information is increasingly important as consumers continue to move from tried-and-true #10 cans to 
flexible pouches. The study, conducted by Fres-co System USA, Inc., tested the oxygen levels found in Mountain 
House pouches as well as those of six other brands.
Low oxygen levels with little or no variation from pouch to pouch are key indicators of both good process 
control and packaging integrity (other key indicators include: moisture, heat, and light). Oxygen degrades 
shelf life in foods by oxidizing fats and oils. This oxidation causes rancidity and unpalatable off-flavors. 
The presence of oxygen also depletes food of valuable vitamins A, C, D and E.

“Prolonged exposure to oxygen will cause most foods to become rancid within six months to two years, 
depending on ambient levels,” said Drew Huebsch, R&D manager for Mountain House.  “For truly long term 
storage of food – measured in decades – our research indicates that oxygen levels should be below 3 percent.  
United States Military specifications go even further, requiring oxygen levels to be below 2 percent.”

Four of the tested brands sell pouches of long term food with a claimed shelf life of fifteen to twenty-five years: 
National Geographic, Legacy Premium, Food Supply Depot, and Wise Company food storage.  Three additional 
brands sell camping and backpacking meals often used in emergency “bug out” situations, with a claimed shelf 
life of five to twelve years: Backpacker’s Pantry, AlpineAire, and Mountain House.
The study measured the oxygen levels inside 30 pouches from each brand. Only Mountain House pouches 
maintained an oxygen level of less than 3 percent in all cases, with an average oxygen level of 1.42 percent. 
This bests the U.S. military specification of less than 2 percent oxygen. All other brands had average oxygen 
levels above 3 percent. Food Supply Depot fared the least favorable with near atmospheric average levels of 
oxygen at 17.76 percent.
The study also tested for variation of oxygen levels from pouch to pouch, a measure of reliability and process 
control.  Mountain House again came out on top with a standard deviation of 0.3. The closest competitor, 
Backpacker’s Pantry, had a standard deviation of 2.4, or more than 8.1 times that of Mountain House. 
At the bottom of the list was Wise Company’s survival food at 8.4, representing a variability of 28.2 times 
greater than Mountain House.“We’ve been making Mountain House for nearly 50 years,” says Reiner Bohlen, 
Marketing Manager at Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc., the parent company of Mountain House. “You don’t become 
the gold standard in outdoor meals and emergency food storage unless you make products consumers know 
they can trust to taste great, no matter what. We commissioned this study to see where we stand in the market 
and help determine where we could possibly make improvements. We want to make sure we continue to deliver 
on our promises.”
Brands were chosen based on brand awareness in either the outdoor adventure or emergency preparedness 
segments.  All foods tested consisted of dehydrated and/or freeze dried foods that are prepared by just adding 

About Mountain HouseBased in Albany, Ore., Mountain House has been the first choice of backpackers, hikers, 
campers and emergency preparation experts for nearly 50 years. Why? Great taste, ease of use and reliability, 
no matter how extreme the environment. As a result, Mountain House commands more than 70 percent of the 
outdoor freeze dried meal market according to the Outdoor Industry Association. Their line of meals in pouches 
have a proven shelf life of 12+ years. Foods in their #10 cans have a proven shelf life of 25+ years.