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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Developing Korea Conflict Could Go Nuclear ... Russia Preparing

Personally, I'm not climbing into the bunker yet. Those North Koreans play a different brand of rock and roll and this just seems to be the same bluster, higher volume.

But I find it interesting that Russia has publicly declared a nuclear warning. Not surprised, I guess though, because it could in the end benefit Russia to ratchet up global fears. One obvious result might be a bit higher oil prices. We won't go into the possibility of certain commisars and siloviki actually hoping for tensions to erupt into an expanding hot war.

Russia fears Korea conflict could go nuclear - Ifax

Wed May 27, 2009 4:48pm IST

By Oleg Shchedrov

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia is taking security measures as a precaution against the possibility tension over North Korea could escalate into nuclear war, news agencies quoted officials as saying on Wednesday.

Interfax quoted an unnamed security source as saying a stand-off triggered by Pyongyang's nuclear test on Monday could affect the security of Russia's far eastern regions, which border North Korea.

"The need has emerged for an appropriate package of precautionary measures," the source said.

"We are not talking about stepping up military efforts but rather about measures in case a military conflict, perhaps with the use of nuclear weapons, flares up on the Korean Peninsula," he added. The official did not elaborate further.


Here's another interesting report on Russia very much worth reading: "The new Cold War is over energy resources"

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food on Sale with Free Gifts for Members

Our latest news release:

The bestseller "One Second After" by William R. Fortschen, and the HAZARiD Decontamination Kit are among free gifts Safecastle buyers club members are collecting as they make money-saving purchases of Mountain House food before June 5. The freeze-dried food is the preferred emergency storage food of individuals, groups, and organizations around the world, lasting better than 25 years in #10 cans.

(Vocus/PRWEB ) May 24, 2009 -- Safecastle owner Victor Rantala is making a habit of giving away books he sees as important for his customers to learn from and which he knows they will enjoy. Currently, he is giving away the bestseller "One Second After" by William R. Fortschen, an eye-opening fictional account of what life after an EMP attack on the USA might be like.

"One Second After" by William Forstchen
"One Second After" by William Forstchen

Said Rantala, "This book, like many of the others we've given away to our members, emphasizes the importance all of us should place on being prepared for the unexpected. We take an awful lot in life for granted today, leaving us dangerously vulnerable to events that can potentially strip away the niceties and comforts we are dependent upon.

"Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, war, economic calamity, and pandemic disease are just some of the disastrous facts of life that history bears witness to—in fact, emphasizing time and again, that fortune favors the prepared. That's why we at Safecastle do what we do—work to raise awareness of the need for personal or local crisis preparedness and aid those who need to do something for themselves to get it done efficiently."

Mountain House freeze dried food has long been a core ingredient in the preparedness plans of the majority of Safecastle customers. It's widely regarded around the globe as the best quality freeze-dried food anywhere. The fact that it has a shelf life of better than 25 years makes it a natural for those who want to have on hand good, nutritious food for the day when others around them may be forced to depend on the good will and competence of rescuers or charities.

When the opportunity arises to offer customers discounts of 25% on the food, and ship it free to the continental U.S., Safecastle invariably deals with a huge surge in demand that re-energizes Rantala and keeps him hopeful about the future.

Rantala said: "These are tough times. Globally, we are sitting ducks for one more major event out of a grab bag of possibilities that could send our fragile economic system into unreconcilable catastrophe. More people are coming to that conclusion. The world of crisis preparedness is increasingly alive, growing by leaps and bounds. In my view, that is reason for wider optimism. For those who are taking steps to provide for themselves and their loved ones, they are doing the wise thing and at the very least acquiring some measure of peace of mind. We hope and pray that most of us never have to actually rely upon our common-sense preparations. But if it comes to that, our customers will be among those who won't be among the helpless waiting for the cavalry to appear on the horizon."

The current Safecastle Royal Buyers Club Mountain House sale runs through June 5. Members and non-members alike can take advantage of the 25% discounted pricing on the canned foods. Members can earn free gifts based on the amount of food purchased.


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Friday, May 22, 2009

Dr. Margaret Chan: "Expect more cases of severe and fatal infections" of H1N1

WHO chief says world should prepare for severe flu
22 May 2009 11:42:03 GMT
Source: Reuters

GENEVA, May 22 (Reuters) - Countries should be ready for more serious H1N1 infections, and more deaths from the newly-discovered virus, World Health Organisation chief Dr. Margaret Chan said on Friday.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Solar Cycle Decline ... Navy Physicist Warns of Decades-Long Ice and Famine

The science and history behind this seem solid.

US Navy physicist warns of possibly 'several decades of crushing cold temperatures and global famine'
by Retired U.S. Navy Physicist and Engineer James A. Maruse

2 Apr 09 – Excerpts: “The sun has gone very quiet as it transitions to Solar Cycle 24.

“Since the current transition now exceeds 568 spotless days, it is becoming clear that sun has undergone a state change. It is now evident that the Grand Maxima state that has persisted during most of the 20th century has come to an abrupt end.

“(The sun) might (1) revert to the old solar cycles or (2) the sun might go even quieter into a 'Dalton Minimum' or a Grand Minima such as the 'Maunder Minimum.' It is still a little early to predict which way it will swing. Each of these two possibilities holds a great threat to our nation.

“We are now at a crossroad. Two paths lie before us. Both are marked with a signpost that reads 'Danger!' Down one path lies monstrous solar storms. Down the other path lies several decades of crushing cold temperatures and global famine.

Read more:
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Swine Flu in More than 100,000 in US Already?

Half-a dozen American deaths at least now, but perhaps many many more than that not diagnosed.

Either way--it is this autumn and winter for us when temperatures are cool again that is the real danger.

This H1N1 flu will circulate in the Southern Hemisphere for the next few months. It WILL encounter H5N1 at some point. The question is, will it morph into a more lethal virus?

Swine Flu May Have Infected More Than 100,000 Americans
By Steven Reinberg
HealthDay Reporter

SUNDAY, May 17 (HealthDay News) -- While the official tally of confirmed U.S. swine flu cases topped 4,700 on Friday, experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now estimate the true number of infections at more than 100,000 nationwide.

Also on Friday, health officials announced two new deaths linked to the H1N1 virus, bringing the nationwide total to five. (Death #6 was reported this evening in NY.)

"Today we had our fourth death reported from Maricopa County in Arizona," Dr. Daniel Jernigan, from CDC's Influenza Division, said during an afternoon teleconference Friday. "There are more deaths and hospitalizations that we are monitoring," he said.

Read more.
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How Bad is the Economy Getting Where You Live?

Interesting interactive map here. The higher the economic stress, the higher the index number.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gen. Chilton: Nuclear Response to Cyber Attack is On the Table

Infrastructure networks, not to mention defense and command and control networks are vulnerable to taking a serious licking that may not leave the U.S. still ticking. You bet, we should be prepared to retaliate in any way deemed appropriate at the time.

U.S.. General Reserves Right to Use Force, Even Nuclear, in Response to Cyber Attack

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

by Elaine M. Grossman, Global Security Newswire

WASHINGTON -- The top U.S. commander for strategic combat said last week that the White House retains the option to respond with physical force -- potentially even using nuclear weapons -- if a foreign entity conducts a disabling cyber attack against U.S. computer networks (see GSN, Nov. 7, 2008).

Read more.

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Time for New Gardens

There are more new vegetable gardens going in this year than there have been for decades, I would wager. The spiraling economy has guaranteed that those with eyes and ears (and good backs) are returning to the soil in some small fashion.

It's at least a gesture that whispers, "We will take back control."

It's been over 25 years since I last had a garden. So I've been reacquainting myself with the earthy knowledge required to nurture and harvest nutritional treasures.

MANY others in our neighborhood are also putting in new gardens. It's a movement, I tell you.

Friday, May 01, 2009

"One Second After" - FREE Hardcopy with Purchase of 4 Cases of Mountain House

Free Book Offer Good Immediately;
Next 25%-Off Mountain House Sale is May 23 - June 5

I just finished reading the new doomer bestseller, "One Second After" by William Forstchen. It's a very good book--kind of a "second cousin" if you will, to the famed "Patriots" novel by our friend James Wesley, Rawles.

When I find a book that I think others should read, I've gotten into the habit of giving it away. That is indeed the case with this novel.

To Get the Free Book ...

Any buyers club member who purchases 4 or more cases of Mountain House cans will get the bestselling hardcover novel for free.

Simple as that. The offer is effective immediately. This offer is good only while supplies last. We've purchased 100 copies, but FYI, we expect them to go fast--perhaps depleting our supply before the end of May.

By the way--the book is a fictional tale about the aftermath of an EMP strike on the U.S.A. It is based on scientific fact. The forward is written by Newt Gingrich.

Other Mountain House purchase incentives exclusively for buyers club members--we continue to offer gift voucher rebates based on the number of cases purchased. For every eight cases of cans bought, members receive a $120 rebate voucher back by email to use in a subsequent purchase in our store (good toward anything we sell except Mountain House cans). Purchase 35 cases, and you receive a rebate voucher of $500!

Not to mention that we always ship free to the lower 48.

Best news of all ...

Our next Mountain House sale is right around the corner. Our Mountain House cans will all be on sale at a 25% discount from May 23 - June 5. Note that this is our last sale before the next MH sale increase--about a third of the can prices will go up 3% on July 1.

Oh--we have just negotiated one other new members' volume incentive for this sale. Purchase 28 can cases or more and in addition to the free book and the applicable rebate vouchers, we are going to send you a FREE HAZARiD decontamination kit! Talk about timely, huh?

Yes, "doom" is now in vogue. We're busier than we've ever been as more and more people are seeing the dark at the end of the tunnel.

The economy is now and will continue to be dismal for quite some time here on Main Street. A flu pandemic may leave a mark. The smell of war is also in the air if you catch the wind just right. No one is making fun of preparedness anymore.

Stay safe.
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