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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Include Freeze-Dried Meat and Chicken in Your Food Storage (Save upto 40%)

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5 Reasons Why You Should Include Freeze-Dried Meat and Chicken in Your Food Storage

  • Shelf life

When the S hits the fan, we might be lucky if we have access to canned goods, much less fresh meat and chicken. Freeze-dried versions have long shelf lives

  • A lot of protein without having to hunt or scavenge

Few of us have the space, resources, or experience to raise our own beef, pork, and chicken. Backyard chickens are great, but can you imagine how many you would have to raise in order to have just 2 or 3 chicken meals per week? Even experienced hunters may, eventually, find it difficult to locate the game, especially if that’s every other hunter’s plan for survival!

  • A little goes a long way

If you buy freeze-dried meat/chicken, you aren’t going to be serving large piles of stuff on a plate! You’ll be utilizing it as an ingredient, making one #10 can go a long way.

  • Price per serving

Price out the meat by serving or recipe if the prices scare you

If you can get 10 meals from a single #10 can of meat or chicken, that makes the purchase very budget-friendly.

slide_3_x400 image
survival-food-freeze-dried-food-survival-cave-food-scfck-canned-chicken-12-cans-1-case-28642141667410_medium image

Survival Cave Food SCFCK Canned Chicken- 28oz 12 cans - 1 case

$201.99 $229.99

save $28.00(12.17%)

scfbf-12_cans_stacked_case-bg_2_800x800 image

Survival Cave Canned Beef - 28oz can (FULL CASE)

$259.99 $399.99

save $140.00(35.0%)


Lowest Guaranteed Price on MRE star

xmre-freeze-dried-food-mre-star-mre-kits-case-12-pk-28562828066898_1024x1024 image

MRE Star MRE Kits Case 12 Meals with Heater (12 meals)

$122.99 $159.99

save $37.00(23.13%)


Buy the Best XMRE meals on the lowest price 

3000XTboxwithpack_2048x_99c821c8-dcc2-4cb0-af09-832c4e7e2ce7_medium image


$174.99 $186.99

save $12.00(6.42%)

Bluelineboxpack_2048x_fa025d34-1589-4e9f-b066-8ce6745c14ca_medium image


$144.99 $161.99

save $17.00(10.49%)

download_6ba675f4-d733-44bf-8455-142293b88c54_480x480 image
d265e85e88d0e8646b5937413c9bcf0c_medium image

Nutristore Freeze-Dried Sausage Crumbles

From $59.99 $99.99

save $40.00(40.0%)

71QGh2FXU_L image

Nutristore Freeze Dried Beef Ground

From $69.99 $99.99

save $30.00(30.0%)

71vWOX_9XOL image

Nutristore Freeze Dried Cheddar cheese

From $59.99 $79.99

save $20.00(25.0%)

Buy Now
71wVLD4xenL image

Nutristore Freeze Dried Chicken Dices

From $69.99 $89.99

save $20.00(22.22%)

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There is no arguing that fresh vegetables look better and are more delicious than canned or frozen vegetables. As a result, we've had to throw out a lot of vegetables in the fridge because we are unable to retain their freshness and quality

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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Mountain House Ground Beef #10 Can Freeze Dried Foo Single can

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Mountain House Ground Beef #10 Can Freeze Dried Food 3 cans

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Mountain House Ground Beef #10 Can Freeze Dried Food Case

$399.00 $599.00

save $200.00(33.0%)

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Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef #10 Can

From $69.99 $99.99

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Mountain House Scrambled Eggs Bacon CLEAN LABEL, 6 Cans

$335.00 $399.00

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mountain-house-storage-food-mountain-house-granola-w-milk-blueberries-10-can-freeze-dried-food-6-cans-per-case-clean-label-28262975995986_medium image

   Mountain House Granola w/ Milk & Blueberries #10 Can Freeze Dried Food - 6 cans    

         $289.99 $399.99

         save $110.00(27.5%)

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mountain-house-storage-food-mountain-house-classic-assortment-bucket-clean-label-28262971080786_medium image

              Mountain House Classic                 Assortment Bucket - Clean Label

                       $129.99 $199.99

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Scrambled Eggs with Bacon - Pro-Pak® (6/case)

$63.99 $69.99

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Homestyle Chicken Noodle Casserole - Pro-Pak®

$61.99 $79.99

save $18.00(22.5%)

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Creamy Macaroni & Cheese - Pouch (6/cases)

$59.99 $69.99

save $10.00(14.29%)

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Mountain house Scrambled Eggs with Ham & Peppers - Pouch (6/case)

$59.99 $69.99

save $10.00(14.29%)

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September is Emergency Preparedness Month. The 2022 theme is A Lasting Legacy. Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love.

National Preparedness Month (NPM) is an observance each September to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time. The 2022 theme is “A Lasting Legacy: The life you’ve built is worth protecting. Prepare for disasters to create a lasting legacy for you and your family.”

What is the purpose of Emergency food aid? Prevent malnutrition in the population affected by the disaster. It is necessary, however, to plan for the treatment and management of cases of malnutrition that existed prior to the disaster or which have become acute and will become evident during aid operations.

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