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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Testimonial for Safecastle: "a ministry to those trying to prepare"

I certainly appreciate all the feedback we receive from our customers. It helps to know what we are doing right and where we can improve.

I don't normally post or promote the raves we sometimes receive from our thoughtful buyers club members, but in this case, this comment is so heart-felt and on-target with what I've always felt is our mission:

From M. Brooks, Jan. 20, 2012:

I am in the military and first heard of Safecastle about 3 years ago while stationed overseas.  If memory serves me correctly I found it at Survival Blog. At that time I placed some orders and had them sent to my mother’s home back in the States.  Upon returning to the U.S., I saw the Safecastle advertisement again and the membership offer. 

I was quite skeptical to be honest because I figured the “lifetime membership” offer was too good to be true and if I paid the nominal amount for the membership, when I got ready to use it Safecastle would not be around. 

I decided to take a leap of faith and join what I hoped would not be a fly by night enterprise.  Soon I began to order products and am absolutely amazed!!!! 

The service is incredible; each time I have contacted Mr. Vic, I get an immediate response. He has always been kind and considerate and very professional and stands behind his word. Safecastle is a LEGITIMATE company. The membership perks are phenomenal. Because we are at such a critical juncture in our world, preparedness has become big business and there are a lot of folks in it just for the money and provide substandard products and services. 

I believe Safecastle is really a ministry to those trying to prepare.  I am still in the military and Safecastle continues to help me prepare for the uncertainties of the future. I am not paid by Safecastle nor have I been asked for this testimonial. I just want to reach any who are skeptics and don’t believe Safecastle’s claims. It is truly a first rate outfit, selling quality products at a reasonable price, owned and operated by a man who has a servant’s heart.


Maria Stahl said...

High praise indeed.

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