REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: Safecastle 2011 Freedom Awards Finalist Judging - Please Help Us Decide

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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Safecastle 2011 Freedom Awards Finalist Judging - Please Help Us Decide

2011 is in the history books. Our Safecastle Freedom Awards contest is in the final stage of deciding who will receive the contest's valuable grand prizes, including two Katadyn Pocket water filters and two Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrators

And we want your help in making those decisions.

The best qualifying survival-related articles and videos of 2011 as submitted to our many participating contest blogs and forums have been decided by those website administrators. Every finalist below will receive an engraved Freedom Award as pictured here. (Some of the original websites did not deliver finalists to us for various reasons.)

Our best-article finalists, in random order ...

From ModernSurvivalOnline, submitted by RobNPhx:  "A Survivalist Mindset Amongst Apathy."

From Bison Survival Blog, submitted by D. Ritchey: "Threat Analysis: Bikers"

From Survivalblog, submitted by K.M.: "What is a Well-Stocked First Aid Kit?"

From Rural Revolution, submitted by Maria S.: "Preparedness for Young People"

From Survivalmonkey, submitted by Bison Forge: "Building Better Bugout Bags"

From ModernSurvivalBlog, submitted by TripodXL: "Situational Awareness and Your Personal Protection"

From, submitted by gat31: "Growing Vertical Veggies"

From SurvivalistBoards, submitted by Mtnman Mike: "Year End Report about What Happened Last Summer on my BOL"

Our best-video finalists are ...

From, submitted by Falcon15: "Survival and Prepping - The Basics"

From SurvivalistBoards, submitted by ia woodsman: "PSK Survival Exercise part 1" (this video has two follow-on videos, but we are only judging part 1 for this contest).

Below, we have posted all the articles and videos so you can easily scroll down and view all the entries. We are limiting images posted here to no more than one per article. Some articles have many more images that you can see in their original posts linked above.

Thank you so much to all the contributing websites and to all the good folks who submitted entries for consideration in this contest. I think we all win as the result of having been exposed to so much survival-related wisdom and insight from all of you.

Please vote for your favorite by January 20, 2012...

We wanted to post a poll for each category to allow for you to quickly select your favorites. However, for some reason, we are being limited in our blogspot gadget admin to a maximum of 4 options per poll. So plan B ...

Please let us know which of these articles and videos are your favorite by posting a positive comment under your selections. (You can vote anonymously.) Your comment will not appear immediately, so do not keep commenting trying to view your comment. We have editorial approval set-up here to protect from spamming.  We will approve all positive comments to be seen, but it might take as long as a few hours for your comment to appear.

Your comments will assist our judges in making the final prize-winning decisions.
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