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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Freedom Award Finalist: "Year End Report About What Happened Last Summer on my BOL"

by Mtnman Mike, as originally posted to Survivalistboards

This summer - from June to about Nov. began on June 1, 2011.

On that busy day I first picked up Glen from New Zealand at the Greeley, CO bus station at 8:30 A.M.

We first went to Anderson's salvage yard to take a large roll of old metal fencing I had obtained from a neighbor in Greeley. I wanted to show Glen one of the best and most interesting sites / sights in town. At least I think so. I only got eleven dollars for that heavy roll of fencing though.

And I also took Glen around town to get a tent. We went to the Super-Walmart and a couple sporting goods stores. I went to the biggest one first which that sporting goods store had many dozens of guns. Even a couple AR's as well as other guns I was sorta surprised to see.
I thought Glen would buy a gun but not sure how he would get it back to New Zealand, maybe FedEx?
Glen only bought a 500 round box of .22 ammo which he and Steve shot quite a bit on my land in late July.

I picked up Steve from the bus station at 9 p.m. Steve had ridden a bus from Washington D.C. since he lived in southern Maryland. And Glen and Steve camped in my backyard in Greeley for almost a week until we went up to my mtn place on June 7th.

Below are Steve's light brown MSR tent and Glen's $20 blue dome tent although later in the summer he bought a $200 large MSR tent which UPS delivered to a motel in Encampment, WY
After Glen, Steve and I went to a dollarstore and the Super-Walmart and bought over $400 worth of supplies, mainly food then we built a wood box in the back of my truck and loaded it. I did not buy anything that day since all winter I had slowly been buying canned food etc. etc. on sale.

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