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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Customer Finds 29-year-old Mountain House Canned Food to be in Perfect, Delicious Condition!

Submitted by Safecastle customer Ed Perry, January 7, 2012:  "While up North I opened two cans of Mountain House Freeze Dried food ... a can of freeze dried pears and a can of freeze dried chicken and noodles. Bear in mind these were almost 29 years old and I had taken no special care in storing them. We ate all of each can. They were just as good as the day they were packed ... absolutely no degrading of any kind ... color, texture, taste were perfect. What a quality product! Mountain House says their freeze dried food will store for 25 to 30 years but I am betting that they would store for much longer than that.

"I have probably 60 cans of Mountain House purchased around 1982-83. I opened these two to give me an idea as to how they had fared without any special storage. I am totally impressed with Mountain House. I bought a lot of it that we used for back country canoe trips up in northern Canada and these were just left over. Actually I had forgotten about them and ran across them just by chance."

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Mountain House is proven again and again the best storage food money can buy ...
  • Award-winning for best taste freeze-dried food
  • Oregon Freeze Dry Inc., in business for 48 years, is the world's technological leader in freeze-drying technology.
  • 30-year shelf life (in cans) makes this the kind of tangible, appreciating investment you can eat
  • Entrees include real meat, unlike many competitors' offerings (careful about buying "long-term" food from companies cashing in on the trend today) 
  •  Among the most USDA inspected food around--continuous, multiple government inspectors on-site (especially for the volumes of government contract work OFD does)
  • Prompt, free shipping when purchased from authorized dealer Safecastle
  • Club member bonus awards during our current 25%-off sale. 
  • Safecastle has a spotless 10-year record: A+ BBB rating, 0 conmplaints; satisfaction guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great story. I have wondered how my 00 cans were doing, I guess I don't need to be concerned with just 12 years!

Anonymous said...

That's nothing. Six months ago (appx 10/2011)I opened a case of Mt House Rice and Chicken because I ASSUMMED it would be "over the hill" since the date on the UPS shipping label of the carton read June 1980. That means it was OLDER than 31 years since 31 years ago was the date a dealer shipped it to me in San Carlos,CA. All six cans in the case tasted graet!

Since then, it has been stored (5 yrs)in my home in San Antonio, TX, Albuquerque,NM(2.5 yrs), a trailer in Calamesa, CA (27F 105F)(2 yrs), my home in Tampa,FL (3yrs), my home in Beloxi,MS (2.5yrs) and finally the last 16 years in Riverview, FL. where it now resides awaiting a Hurricane or SHTF event. I am a total Mt House fan. It may cost more but you don't have to spend a fortune "rotating" it.
My wife and I started using MH Freeze Dried foods in Alaska in 1975.