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Friday, January 27, 2012

Safecastle Now Matches Mountain House Sale Pricing from Other Dealers

Safecastle can now match Mountain House prices at any time. So, bottom line for you--you find any dealer running a MH sale and we will give you that price, PLUS you will of course also get your free shipping AND any Mountain House Member Rewards in effect. (Right now--that is $75 gift certificates for every three MH can cases!!)

Here are our Mountain House cans listings. If you find a sale price out there that you want us to match on a purchase, just email me with a link to that sale and I will get you a coupon code to use in our store for that purchase.

Background detail:  Most of our customers are familiar with the way Mountain House regulates its dealers with regard to sale pricing and practices. However, I'll explain for those who are not aware ...

Mountain House dealer regulations for the last several years have required that dealers sell MH cans at full list price except during limited approved sale periods. MH cans are also precluded from being discounted for our buyers club members due to those manufacturer restrictions--they must be sold at the same price for members and non-members. (MH cans are the only exception in our store to the members' standard 20% discount minimum.) That's why we offer the significant member incentive gift certificates for MH cans.
Now, our ability to match prices allow us to give the best prices out there all the time AND give our loyal customers the incentive packages they have come to count on as they build up their preparedness enterprise.

Additional FYI ... a brand new program is in the works that will provide our buyers club members with cumulative purchase rewards this year (retroactive to the first of the year), applicable to all purchases at Safecastle in 2012.

Last year, we had the Cache-Back program. This year will be quite different and a lot more fun and rewarding. It's taking a while to get it all put together--we've had to hire a software engineer to get it done, but when it's ready, it should be awesome (and it may even go viral).

So again--stay safe.

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