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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Preppers Shipping Advisory ... Want it by September 10?

We've been asked, and we fully understand the concern many might be having at this point ...

September of this year is full of question marks and red letter dates for preppers. It seems most of those dates occur after about Sept. 10.

So if you are looking for your Safecastle order to arrive by about September 10--please try to place your order by the end of August. That gives us and our suppliers and the shippers adequate time to process your order.

(There are exceptions--such as SurvivalCave meats, which sometimes require up to two weeks to deliver.)

Bottom line: we're fully on-board with the sense of urgency--please place your orders as early as possible. This month is already hugely busy and if it gets any more so as we get closer to September, supply inventories can be affected.

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