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Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't be Vulnerable to Fear and Intimidation ... Prepare, Grow, Stand for What's Right

It's increasingly obvious even to the administration's previous lapdogs (Bill Maher, Piers Morgan) that they and indeed WE the voters have empowered a boldly tyrannical executive branch to run roughshod over traditional American values, our Constitutional liberties, the judicial system, and to American citizens of all demographics who stand in the way of their frightening vision for our country.

Deception and manipulation were the recognized political methods in play in this administration's first term in office. This second term has quickly shifted public awareness to the forceful, lawless power projection being used against opponents via any and all tools available at the administration's disposal.

Few individuals inside or outside the system have had the courage to stand up to defy this clear and present threat to America. Those who have have been abused and pilloried.

Yet, the series of outrageous scandals erupting in the media in the last two weeks have put these thugs on notice that there is still some fight left in us and that maybe, just maybe, we aren't going to take it anymore.

I pray that is the truth of the matter.

How to Solidify YOUR Stance

If you intend to be a part of the solution going forward, then you need to ready your stance right now.

1.  Prepare ... in any and every fashion your circumstances allow. I shouldn't need to tell you what that means, but I'd suggest a complete look at everything from laying up personal resources and supplies to bolstering your self-defense capabilities and firming up your spiritual foundation.

2.  Gather your resolve ... This fight may get ugly. Pain and suffering may be paying many of us a visit. Ask yourself right now if our objective--saving the America we grew up to know and love--is worth that price. When you come to the correct conclusion, get busy fortifying your inner determination. In other words, get your game face on.

3.  Be heard ... Fear and concern over losing a personal, comfy way of life keeps many silent in the face of oppression and tyranny. Stand and be heard now while your voice still counts for something. There is power in numbers. Your silence implies consent to the powers that be. Many times throughout history such acquiescence by populations have eventually resulted in genocide. Don't think that it cannot happen here. Don't let that even become a possibility.

Prepare and fortify for a fight that is still political but that could conceivably morph into a crisis not seen in this land by anyone still breathing.

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