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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stop. Deep breath. Gut-check time ...

Anyone else feeling the hairs start to rise? 
I've been in the crisis preparedness business a long time now. I've been through a lot of periods where genuine crises, catastrophes, and tragedies have twisted the macro guy-wires about as tight as they will go. But we are in uncharted territory here.
Today, if you are still paying close attention, you recognize that the tension on society's many key guy wires are at the breaking point.
"If you are still paying close attention" is an important qualifier here. Over time, conditions where taut, massively stressful environments can assume the position of a redefined "normal" and you can ease into a numbingly comfortable pocket of denial. 
  • The towering global economy has been sketched, stretched, and become so far-fetched that it quite simply is now a giant, swaying Jenga-saster teetering toward its long-delayed, earth-shaking tumble.
  • International tensions across the globe are gearing up to levels not seen since pre-WWII ... and hot wars without boundaries are quite possibly imminent.
  • Social, racial, political, and religious confrontations are extending beyond acceptable restraints into the realm of criminal assaults and incendiary media driven cheerleading.
  • And speaking of criminals ... is anyone else having a hard time separating the good guys from the bad guys?
Today, our own country's power complex has assumed the attitude that its own people ... the traditional, conservative backbone of America ... pose the greatest "terrorist threat" to their own continuity.
Gut-Check Time
I don't really know where the breaking point will turn out to be or in what order the cascade of events will take place. But if you have managed to keep from being lulled into a sense of ill-timed complacency, then you will likely agree with me that we are now well into a period we might call primetime for a prepper gut-check.
Clearly the bottom is falling out. Support structures are failing and any social safety nets will be torn away. If you haven't gotten all your gear and supplies squared away by now and started focusing on critical security and self-defense issues, then you are behind the curve, my friends. 
At least that's what my gut tells me.

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