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Friday, September 05, 2014

Context and Perspective Shapes the Prepper

by JC Refuge
It’s always about perspective or context when you really think about it.
Some folks prepare for crises because their broad horizons allow them to see the risks out there, near and far.
Not to mention that sometimes a few folks actually get walloped over the head with a major catastrophe. Then once through it, their own world context is forever changed.

Your Wide-Angle View
Unfortunately, you probably know more people whose focal point is not much beyond their own nose, as opposed to the number of people you know who are paying attention to what is around the next bend. When we are long-sighted, those friends’ shortsightedness seems, well, short sighted. And of course for those people who are looking only at the ends of their noses, they cannot possibly understand the things we are seeing out there in the world or relate to the kinds of things we want to talk with them about as we scan the possibilities.
Context. We all play in our own sandbox. There’s really no other way.
But some of us are doing our own thing as well as keeping an eye on many of the world’s fences and backyards where all that trouble is down the block. Will it reach our own little paradise way over here where the context is just fine today?
None of us can be sure. Yet I can’t help but notice how many of you here are also digging pretty deep in your pile of sand and squirreling away acorns for “just in case.”
Regardless of whatever other context you are playing in there, I can relate.

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