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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Ring Of Fire - Are you prepared!

The most feared and the most talked about cataclysmic activity could become a reality with the current events.

70 seismic activities recorded in 48 hours. These could be leading to events Geographical experts refer to as 'The Big One', despite its affinity to a movie title, this really means the BIG earthquake that could tear apart California within a few seconds and causing insurmountable destruction to lives and matter.

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Countries like Japan, Indonesia where earthquakes and volcanic activities are common still fail to be ready for the uncommon aftermath these natural disasters leave in its wake. One thing to another, we learned the Tsunami in the Indian ocean in 2004 that caused inexplicable damage was an after-effect of an underwater earthquake that caused the Indian Oceans tectonic plate to move hence causing the Tsunami waves.

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We at times fail to be pro-active and though it is clear one cannot stop a Natural disaster, but we can try our best to be prepared for the worst. Safecastle has been in the emergency industry and is founded on the core values of emergency preparedness and is built by expertise from hard-core Preppers who are ready for any disaster that may come.

Safecastle facilitates requirements for all kind of needs, be it camping travel requirements, long-term storage food, water and other supplies or if you are just stepping into our world of preparing for  emergency!

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