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Saturday, August 04, 2018

Gear yourselves - The most important part of emergency - Part II

As part of our discussion, in this world of technological advances, have you ever thought of the unfortunate event when our phones don't work? Or when we do not have heat at times when we are flooded, in events of snow-storms? There were times when a Firestarter and logs of wood, a paper would do the job but why bother with so much manual labor when we have come up with advanced alternate energy.

Sustainable Energy:

The free and abundantly available resource to humans, Sunlight is the new Sustainable Energy, can be used as a rich alternative to electricity. This is an environmentally friendly energy source and can be used not just for emergencies when you want to reach out and check on your family and loved ones but even at times of peril when your phone or laptop's battery dies when you are out camping!

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Miscellaneous ( The most important ):

We always tend to ignore the smallest thing that comes in handy at perilous times. What would one not give to get a poncho or a raincoat during rains or what would you do to get a blanket when stuck in your car surrounded by storm? Here is a list of miscellaneous things that can go a long way :

Prepare & Fortify!!

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