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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

A small guide on basic questions about products commonly used:

How to Decode Manufacturing Dates on the below:

Yoders Bacon :

 To figure out the date, we would need to look at the top set of letter and numbers, but it looks like there is a typo there. "A" stands for product bacon, then the date comes in a Julian format. But it looks like the customer provided letter "O" instead of a number. Is it possible that it should have been zero "0"? If so, then the product is from "0348" which would be 348th day of 2010 (Dec 14, 2010). If the customer purchase the product recently, then ask him/her to take a closer look at the number that follows letter "A" and that number will stand for the year. For example "0" - 2010, "2" - 2012, "7" - 2017, etc. 

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food :

The cans/pouches purchased must have the 'Best By' date. 

Berkey Size Comparison Chart:

SizeWill HoldMax per Hour*
Go Berkey® System14" H x 4" D1 quart1 gal / hr
Berkey Light® System21" H x 9" D2.75 gal7 gal / hr
Travel Berkey® System18" H x 7.5" D1.5 gal2.75 gal / hr
Big Berkey® System19.25" H x 8.5" D2.25 gal7 gal / hr
Royal Berkey® System23" H x 9.5" D3.25 gal7 gal/hr
Imperial Berkey® System26" H x 10" D4.5 gal16.5 gal / hr
Crown Berkey™ System30" H x 11" D6 gal26 gal / hr

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