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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

See 3-D Model of Safecastle's 50' Military-Grade Bomb Shelter

Safecastle's experienced shelter builders (20 years and 500 shelters around the USA) provide some of the most robust, yet cost-effective shelters available. Storm shelters, safe rooms, NBC fallout shelters, and now also military-grade bomb/fallout shelters are made of heavy-gauge steel plate ... engineered to last almost 100 years, lifetime guaranteed for structural integrity.

Shelters ranging in value from $5K to well over $1M have been built and installed for private households, corporations, communities, and government agencies.

Have a look at some 3D modeling of a 50-foot Military-grade Fallout / Bomb Shelter.

See also the Safecastle shelter site with much more info, images, price lists, and video--including clips of The Weather Channel doing their best to destroy one of those shelters - very amusing, entertaining, and impressive.

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