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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lots of Mountain House News ...

1. Check out these many new Mountain House Listings:

a. Where to start? How about with the brand new MH Military Surplus 10-Year Pouches ... for feeding a small army or a good-sized family group. Shelf life is 10 years at least. These are member discounted and of course ship free.
The coveted MH 7-Day Kit

b. Next--the 7-Day Kits are temporarily available again! These have always been really popular with preppers, yet they are rarely produced and packaged by MH. It has been a few years since we have been able to offer them. Right now, MH has just a few hundred in stock, so move very fast if you want these--again, yes, member discounted.

c. A brand new MH 10-Pack of favorite dinner pouches, double servings, 7-year shelf. Great for camping, go-bags, car trunks, etc. And yep--member discounted.

d. Some great new low-sodium varieties in pouches and in cans (pouches are member discounted): Chicken Alfredo (pouches, cans); New Orleans Rice & Shrimp (cans, pouches) and Chicken & White Bean Chili (only in pouches).

2. MH-Can Price Hike takes effect August 1. Many of the canned varieties will be rising in price by 5%, as determined by the factory (and required by our dealer agreements). We had previously expected the price hike to take effect July 1, but delays at the factory give you an additional month to take advantage of the pre-hike pricing.

3. We have been "gifted" by MH with a fourth allowed can sale this year and we are running that additional sale from July 4-18. The discounts will be the maximum-allowed 25% for all MH can listings. Everything ships free and our buyers club members additionally enjoy our unique Royalty Rewards program for qualifying purchases.

Remember--we always match other MH dealers' sale prices at any time so you can always get your best pricing plus your member rewards on top of that!

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