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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now thru October 11 ... 25% OFF All Mountain House Canned Freeze-Dried Food!

PLUS New Member-Volume Incentives

It's the last Mountain House sale of the year.

marking down all Mountain House can listings the maximum allowable 25% off for members and non-members alike (not to mention FREE shipping to the lower 48)!

As if you need to be told--this food is widely regarded as the top-quality freeze dried, long-term storage food in the world. It is precooked and ready to eat--just add water. It stores on your shelf for 25+ years!!

Don't miss your best last chance of 2009 to get a great deal on your family's edible insurance policy!

NEW Easier Reward Incentives

Oh ... and we are introducing a brand new club-member Mountain House incentive program. Maybe we'll call it "Cache for Bunkers"?

No? Is that a clunker? OK.

Anyway--the MH volume gift-certificate incentives (used to be called vouchers in our old store) are quicker and easier to attain and take advantage of. The additional gifts are new as well--the GearPod Backcountry modular survival kit, the K8 personal radiation detector (with selectable audio or visual alarm modes), and the HAZARiD Decontamination kit.

For the whole scoop, have a look here.

Get Ready ... Seriously -

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