REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: I'm Attacked as a Racist

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I'm Attacked as a Racist

Well ... I did indeed expect attacks as the result of making this post about the anti-American communist Richard Wright--only because I am well aware of the rabid reactionaries that have been empowered of late to lash out at folks with conservative values.

I won't even give a particular attacker the satisfaction of mentioning who they are. In fact, near as I can tell, they are pretty much nobody of note--unless perhaps Ward Churchill is in the Fort Collins, CO area now. (The vitriole and slander I am seeing is reminiscent of that anti-American professor who gained a place in infamy by blaming 9/11 victims for their fate.)

This individual who is attempting to paint us (Safecastle) as racists is claiming that we approve of lynching (going so far as to include grotesque images of lynchings that they say I would approve of), that we hate blacks, etc. (My attorney is looking at that post now as being an open and shut defamation lawsuit.)

Anyway, the particular fool who is attacking me and our company as ignorant racists seems to be oblivious to the fact that my own beloved grandson is black. Also to be clear--I have in fact had great roommates, friends, and business partners from various cultures, nations, religions, and ethnic backgrounds, not to mention a broad array of customers in our buyers club as well who make our membership as diverse as America itself.

My objections to the USPS stamp remain stated as they are in that posting linked above. I am a Cold Warrior from way back. Communism will never be my friend. Communism will never favor the America that I know and have served and continue to fight for. And anyone who renounces their American citizenship is never worthy of an American postage stamp, period.

The person in question sees himself/herself as a person enlightened to the benefits of communism. And the person is extremely focused on finding racial injustices and offenses where there are none, judging by most of the posts on this person's blog.

He/she blows smoke to the effect that times have changed. Well--I can agree with that much. Change is here, for better or for worse.
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