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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Guilty

It's 2009 and in this brave new world, I'm as guilty as they come. I'm confessing it to all the world in this blog post.

Crime number one is as plain as the nose on my face: I'm caucasian. Twice as criminal--I'm a caucasian male.

Crime number two: I'm a Bible-believing Christian. A Protestant, if that matters to some legal eagles.

Charge number three (and probably there are multiple other charges within): I'm plainly conservative in my political and cultural viewpoints. Read that to mean ... pro-life (anti-abortion and anti-euthanasia), pro Constitution (to include the Second Amendment as well as all the rest), I usually vote Republican, and I embrace the notions of individual liberty and traditional multi-culturalism.

Crime number four: I'm a small business-owner; I believe in free enterprise and thus the capitalist system (yes--opposed to socialism/Marxism/communism/progressivism and anything else you want to call systems based on welfare and wealth redistribution). I think folks are healthiest and happiest when they work for their own paychecks and spend their income as they see fit.

Crime number five: I'm a US military veteran--apparently a dangerous thing for some, as it shows commitment to an ideal (I guess).

Crime number six: I believe in America, its way of life, its history, its strengths (and weaknesses too), and I am proud of the decisive role it has played in world events over the last 200+ years. I know our forebears do not meet today's "standards" for behavior and tolerance but they did the best they knew how and they did it well. We should admire their achievements, not apologize for them.

Crime number seven: I do not bow or grovel before any man or government and I certainly do not worship media talking heads. I happen to find most of the content that is churned out by the government and large corporate interests through today's networks and news organizations to be indigestible and dishonest. Yes, I am, GASP ... disagreeable.

In My Defense

Oddly enough, I was not always this way. In my youth, I was what you would have to call a liberal. An outlaw, in fact, in some ways. Stupid is how I see it now in many ways. I made a lot of mistakes, learned some hard lessons, lived to experience life and even gained some wisdom along the way.

Odder still, back then, TODAY's crimes I am guilty of now were the foundation of America and were seen as traits that were to be admired and emulated. Weird--I didn't always see it that way and I didn't think I'd grow up to become like my old man.

Whoa, dude -- looking back, it's almost like the fabric of time is oscillating and throwing reality a violent whiplash.

I don't really know where it happened for me--the transformation, that is. I know this much ... in my first Presidential election, I voted for Jimmy Carter. I grit my teeth as I admit that today. I never voted for Reagan (hitting myself in the head). But I became a father. I got some education. I took on responsibility and accepted obligations. One day I woke up, brushed my teeth and suddenly looked and sounded like my dad.

Just in time, apparently, to don the desperado cloak once again. Today--the sensible is criminal ... extremism even. Whatever, as my oldest daughter is fond of saying.

I'm all of the above. My journey has led me here. Bring me the typed confession--I will sign that paper.

One thing I will dispute though--the absurd charge of racism. It's a label that is so utterly prominent today in catty public discourse that it's lost all meaning. The twisting fibers of our distorted reality leaves a chaotic print that is pointless.


Criminy! The whole thing is part of a ridiculous onslaught that is weak at best, and is fiendish at worst on the part of the liberal socialists who are aiming to cause a violent upheaval in America today.
Get Ready ... Seriously -

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