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Saturday, September 26, 2009

History Channel Premiere: "Day After Disaster"

Several months ago I was interviewed by the production people who were working on a History Channel documentary. My input was off-camera, for background research.

I was told the producers' goal was to produce a historically based, compelling documentary that seeks to demystify the nuclear issue. I provided insight into private bunkers and bomb shelters and how they protect inhabitants as part of a larger disaster-readiness scenario.

Anyway, that two-hour program is about to premiere, and it looks to be pretty interesting ...

Day After Disaster

Monday, September 28 08:00 PM

Tuesday, September 29 12:00 AM

Sunday, October 04 06:00 PM

Against a morning sky, a mushroom cloud spirals heavenward. A nuclear bomb has detonated in the heart of Washington D.C., incinerating 15,000 residents in just 15 seconds. More than 50% of the population living within a 1/2 mile radius of the explosion is either dead or severely injured. The next 24 hours will determine whether the rest of the city lives or dies. To survive this horrific ordeal they will need a plan. And lucky for us--there is one. But will it work? For the first time on television, the Department of Homeland Security reveals the most detailed and comprehensive plan to save America should terrorists go nuclear. This chilling two-hour special delves into the complex and highly secretive world of disaster planning.

Rating: TVPG

Running Time: 120 minutes



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