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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Unreported Al Qaeda Activity

A few new details on Al Qaeda activity being reported in certain member-centric circles (bound to be public knowledge soon) include:

1. Increasing terrorist movements are being seen in western Europe, as are communications being relayed to operatives in America. The perceived intent is a massive Al Qaeda strike on aircraft/airports in the USA. Other targets are possible however. WMDs are potentially involved; the goal is casualties in the hundreds or thousands, probably in the summer timeframe.

2. Terror training in the Pakistan/Afghanistan border areas increased of late and agents have been moving into Europe ... and probably from there into North America. Infiltration of North America and the formation of terror cells here have been a growing threat. Capabilities to do this are back in place for Al Qaeda, and they are likely to be taking advantage of a US visa waiver program that eases restrictions on travelers to the USA from the UK, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.

These details are reported from reliable sources and dovetail with more sanitized publicly reported comments from US officials over the last month.

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