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Thursday, July 12, 2007

At Stake in the Iraq War: Survival of a Way of Life

Below is the link to a really timely opinion by Andrew Roberts in today's edition of the Christian Science Monitor.


The English-speaking peoples of the world need to unite around their common heritage of values. And they need to sacrifice their naivet̩ about the true nature of war Рand the losses that inevitably go with it. Otherwise, they will lose a titanic struggle with radical, totalitarian Islam.


Those who still view this struggle as a mere police action against uncoordinated criminal elements, rather than as an existential war for the survival of their way of life, are blinding themselves to reality.

Sending signs of surrender

But recent news suggests the blindness is growing. Antiwar sentiment in America is swelling. As key Republicans desert the president, senators are pushing amendments to force the withdrawal of US troops. All this before US Gen. David Petraeus reports on the surge.
Are the English-speaking peoples really about to quit before Islamic totalitarianism has been defeated in Iraq? Are they seriously contemplating handing the terrorists the biggest victory since the Marines' withdrawal from Beirut? It was that surrender in 1984 that emboldened Osama bin Laden to believe that his organization could defeat a superpower. Surrender in Iraq would prove him right.

Click the link and read the whole editorial, please.

In my own opinion, unwavering national leadership during the many crises of war is critical, as is the ongoing effective selling of the need for personal sacrifice by the population. In the U.S. and other English-speaking nations today, the unprecedented power of the commercial media--traditional and new--have made these challenges a long-term improbability.

Certainly in the U.S., if there aren't enough folks in Congress to hold the line and contribute to that requisite leadership to fight our enemies through all the pain and difficulty, then we are doomed to have to feel far greater pain before we will regroup. We need a few strong leaders to stick to an admittedly costly strategy long-term to defeat an enemy that is not about to throw in the towel themselves in the near future.

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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