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Friday, July 20, 2007

25% Off Mountain House 30-Year Food & Maxpedition Hard Use Gear!

Now through August only, Safecastle Royal members are getting 25% discounts on any Mountain House and Maxpedition products in our store.

Why Maxpedition and Mountain House?

- Maxpedition has just introduced 19 new products!! We have most of them listed (and we can get any others for you too). In total, we are listing 37 Maxpedition products at the moment. There just isn't better utility/tactical gear out there.

- Mountain House is raising their prices for the first time in six years. Effective September 1, Mountain House Emergency Storage food in #10 cans is going up. January 1, pouch prices will go up as well. Shipping fees have already increased. We are holding the line till September 1 ... not only that, we're cutting members some additional slack with a bigger discount than ever before we have to bump up our prices.

- Finally, we're running our own 18-variety, 3-case Mountain House special here one more time before the price increase. We'll need to get the order in before the end of the month, so we will do that special group buy no later than August 24.

As always, everything ships free.

Sometimes it really pays to be a Royal!

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