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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pencil In a Full, Blessed Life Ahead, BUT ...

Preparedness. What's it really about?

It's about having a backroom or storm cellar stocked with some emergency supplies IN CASE something happens in our area that makes it difficult to rely on others to continue to supply us with our everyday needs.

It means being suitably equipped to not only consume our emergency supplies, but also to some extent, be able to produce or acquire more via our community and in nature.

It's about understanding how the day could arrive when nothing is easy, and suffering becomes a new reality, for at least the short-term ... and mentally and spiritually positioning for that possibility.

It implies we know that worst-case survival scenarios often demand unusual levels of cooperation between people who find themselves "sharing a life boat."

It acknowledges that very bad and unexpected things happen everyday on this earth to someone out there, and that we consciously choose not to bet the lives of our loved ones on chance.


When all is as it should be, we enjoy life and plan to live every day of it to its fullest.

We hope and pray for blessings and work for prosperity for our households, our communities, and our nation. But being among those who embrace a logical level of personal readiness, we have chosen to ensure we are ready for most anything that can come our way today.

Thus, the odds are strong that at the end of our journey, we will look back with thankfulness and satisfaction at how we handled all our opportunities and risks.

Get Ready, Seriously ...

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