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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Become an officially sanctioned Refugee. A Refugee from what, you ask? Let's call it becoming a Refugee from post-disaster FEMA dependency.

What does it take to be a Refugee?
  1. You've already met the first requirement ... you're here at the Refuge blog. You obviously have an interest in being ready for potential calamities.
  2. Almost as easy, you need to post a comment to one or more of the Refuge blog posts (click on the "x comments" link at the end of each post).
  3. After posting a comment, email me at with your email address and username, mentioning you want to be a Refugee.

Note that email addresses are not shared with anyone outside our Safecastle LLC organization and will never be used for purposes other than those described below.

Refugees are subject to administrative approval to prevent unproductive intrusions. Refugees must adhere to commonly expected standards of behavior and decency and may be removed from Refugee rolls at the sole discretion of Refuge blog administration.

What comes with being a Refugee?

  1. As a Refugee, you are welcome to submit suitable content for possible publishing at the Refuge blog under your username or real name (contributing is an option, but readers can be Refugees too). Content is subject to editorial input, after which your final approval will be needed before posting. It is recommended that you contact me, JC Refuge, before drafting your article to ensure it meets with the site's current focus.
  2. All Refugees' user names will be listed on the site unless exclusion is specifically requested.
  3. Refugees will periodically be emailed special discount offers for purchases from the Refuge crisis-preparedness store. The current offer available to Refugees is an across-the-board 5% discount on any items in the store (shipping is not discounted), with the exception of the steel shelters and saferooms. The offer is valid until further notice. (You must mention the Refugee Discount at the time of placing the order.)


Anonymous said...

hiya JCR, just checking in.

Christian for Israel

Steve said...

Same here JCR
I Stop to say hi and what a great site,

Anonymous said...

Excellent work here JC.

Anonymous said...

Good job. Can I be a refugee too?

Anonymous said...

Thought I was going to be a refugee for real while watching H. Dennis pass over my home on the Weather Channel. But my house is intact, so for now, I'll become a Refugee on your website.

Anonymous said...

Good work. Very professional. This might really take off. Do you monitor traffic?

Anonymous said...

The 'Rearview Vision Spy Sunglasses' has my name on it! I used to tell my son he couldn't get away with anything because I had eyes behind my head. I need proof. Too cool! You have a great blog/store here, JC! I like!
Just_Is from the Other Site

Anonymous said...

Stoped by and liked what I saw , How could I give up a chance at being part of this ... Keep up the good work ..

Anonymous said...

poped in to take a pick and liked what I saw! DH and I do prep and this site seems like it could be a big help in that area! I like it! Think I'll come around and read a lot!

my refuge is also Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

Howdy JCR. Good job and a nice addendum for TB2K's preppers.


Anonymous said...


This is bygrace.
Really enjoy this site!

Anonymous said...

Excellent if I only had a place to setup one of those shelters. I don't think the neighbors would appreciate my tearing up the backyard in our subdivision. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I'll bite. Your store group buys are a great deal. Looking forward to being part of the next order!
Keep up the good work. See 'ya at TB.

Anonymous said...

Great website JCR. It is just the place I was looking for. I like to keep my older children informed, 15 and 11, without scaring them to bad. Hoping they will understand why we do the things I do(living the prepared life, or at least trying to)

Anonymous said...

Just staggered into your Blog. Great place. I will read more, but just saying hi

loco10 said...

jsut checkin in. Great site

Bill P said...

Hi -

You are doing a yeoman's effort in bringing info and services to many.

Best Regards.

83-Chief said...

JCR, linked from tb2k, great site hope to visit often keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great Site JC. Been stumbling in for a while, it just keeps getting better. Think I will join. One of the most informative preparedness sites I've found!!