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Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Anti-Blogger Succumbs

Do we all really need to be heard? Perhaps so. Though I suspect there are many who don't know quite how to say what they're yearning to express.

Asked another way ... do we all really expect to be read or listened to? Well, I believe there are many who think LOUDER and/or more OUTRAGEOUS will generally accomplish that objective. And why not? ... loud and outrageous IS the hottest selling upholstery over today's swivel-chair culture.

With time and unavoidable maturation, I have come to the point where my own need for a platform is minimal. I have learned to relish more the elusive moments of peace and solitude than today's pervasive, envigorating opportunities to engage in aggressive "change management initiatives," in whatever form those might take.

To believe many with the loudest amplifiers would mean to follow the ideology that change is the be-all and end-all. But quite simply, we do not need to be embracing change so religiously in all aspects of our lives. Perhaps my view that too much change in the wrong places is actually intended to simply destroy America is a telling, definitive sign of my encroaching conservatism.

Preparation Saves

I'm sure we'll follow those paths in future posts, but I want to try to be more concise than I've started out here, so let me quickly get to the main intended point of this, my first blog post ...

Why should I choose to blog when there is really no shortage of voices out there already, competing to be heard?

For me, it boils down to a personal understanding that, at least in spirit, I represent a strong, if not overwhleming demographic segment in America that remains largely passive and detached from much of the turmoil taking place across our culture. Not that we aren't aware, because yes, we surely are watching and making our own judgments about how things are going. At some point, we are the ones who will make the call ... and make all the difference.

Bottom line is, we are the progeny of those who built this nation and made it the greatest in the history of the planet. We honor and respect those prior builders who faced often mountainous challenges. And we accept the responsibility of today sustaining our anchor position of stability versus the multitude of forces seeking to throw us off our feet.

We are prepared to defend our way of life as a nation, and we are prepared to stand up for our own way of life in the countless small communities we live in and call home.

Key to being today's sustenance, is indeed being prepared for whatever comes. Those who push chaos upon us belittle the quiet confidence and practical ways of those who hold our nation strong. We who typically hold our tongues, are not deterred.

In fact, some of us decide to take up the blogger's call to action.

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