REFUGE BY SAFECASTLE: To Be Reasonably Ready for Contingencies is to Be Slightly Atypical

There are two ways to sleep well at night ... be ignorant or be prepared.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

To Be Reasonably Ready for Contingencies is to Be Slightly Atypical

As in any other slice of America, there is a wide and diverse collection of individuals in this land who dare to prepare for the worst, just in case.

Though from one to the next, there are as many differences between the individuals who practice common-sense disaster readiness as there are similarities, there are at least a few common traits that are probably present in the majority.

Note that these are my own personal observations based on many years of personal and professional interaction ...
  • One, those of us who dare to prepare tend to take some pride in being atypical. That is, we relish our individuality and often refuse to take the most traveled path in whatever journey on which we find ourselves.
  • Similarly, we are stubbornly independent in whatever personal views we develop. Often, these views are gained offline from standard learning nodes such as schools, universities, popular media outlets, and even peer groups. Of course, those institutions remain integral to varying degrees.
  • Those who choose to plan for contingencies in their lives tend to be slightly more cerebral, though not necessarily more intelligent. I simply mean to say here that we often put more thought into the details of our outlook than the average citizen today.
  • We typically embrace a practical, hands-on approach to tasks and challenges, more unusual today but once universal.

Otherwise, Who Are We?

Western religions of all stripes are represented among us, as are people who are averse to spirituality. Political views are widely represented, though it appears, to use standard labels, that conservatives and independents are predominant. Wealth has little or no bearing on one's predisposition to readiness, as all income levels are involved--probably proportional to income segments in the broader population.

I have to admit, I have less of a feel for racial and ethnic breakdowns. I am myself of northern European descent and I find that within my circles, white Americans are a clear majority. But somehow, I feel that in any ethnic group, there are people who live in anticipation of potential misfortune and prepare accordingly. I certainly invite input on this.

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