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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Safecastle's New Electric Bike- Review of Miri by Safecastle Employee

I'm Amber, I have worked for Safecastle for many years now, if you follow our blog or are a customer
of ours, good chance we have spoke in the past! I started with Safecastle back when I was in
College for part time work, I would help package "group buys" of Mountain House in the OG
Warehouse (our founders basement!) I've worked here for many years on an as needed basis,
until one day the position became full-time. It has been exciting to watch this small business
grow into a leader in the preparedness market.

I'm going to share my review of the Breeze Miri with you. While true that I am an employee of
Safecastle, it is also true that I am a skeptic and made it my mission to uncover any flaws in this
bike, so we could develop a 2.0 model... problem was.. this bike totally blew me away!
Hands down coolest bike I have ever been on! Its evident that a great deal of time, research and
planning was put into development- they didn't miss a single chance to advance this bike to the
next level.

I’ve had the chance to ride the New Breeze Miri a few times now, I’ll start with unboxing and take you through my experience riding step by step.

Unpacking the Miri- Arrived in a very large box, which is a plus because this means a delivery
driver cannot carry the box, they have to move it around on a cart, which minimizes damages since
there is no risk of them dropping the package or tossing it around.

The bike was packed very well; protective foam covering the frame, gears and components
bubble wrapped, and large cardboard cushioning to ensure the bike does not pop through of the
box during shipping and adds an extra layer of protection.

First, I grabbed the small box inside which contained: Rear reflector light, front light, battery charger,
user manual, pedals and a small tool kit. The small tool kit was a nice surprise, it contains everything
you would need to assemble the bike and tune the bike, plus tire repair patches. I’ve shared
assembly instructions in previous mails, so I’ll skip over that for now.


Now, onto the good stuff….

First look at the bike, you can tell its high quality and no expenses were spared. I’ve seen many
other electric bikes, and I’m not just being bias, the Miri just screams luxury. Matte Black on Black
Frame, 7 speed Shimano Gears, Sturdy Kickstand, Cargo Rack Welded on Frame. Mozo
Suspension system paired with the 4” Fat Kenda Juggernaut Tires provides an incredibly smooth

  The Battery is surprisingly compact, which is a huge bonus. Its lightweight and small so you can
fit it in a backpack no problem. In comparison, Xtreme battery pack weighs about 3x more and
about double in size. Don’t let the small size fool you, this little battery packs a huge punch. I took
the bike on a 20 mile ride, I used pedal assist the whole time and used the throttle frequently and
still had over ½ battery life when I got home! Easy to attach, slides right into place. Removal is as
simple as holding the lever and giving a light pat on the end. Insert the key, turn battery button
on and you are ready to go

 You have 4 options when riding Miri. First, you can turn off pedal assist and ride as a traditional
bike. But, let’s be real, the fun is in the motor! So second option, you can ride in pedal assist.
Basically, you select the mode you want; Low, Medium or High. As you pedal 2 rotations, the moto
r kicks in and as long as you occasionally pedal, you will remain in at the selected constant speed.
If you stop pedaling, you will gradually coast to a stop, but the second you begin pedaling again your
motor will kick right back in. Third option, you can ride in throttle mode. The throttle is on the right
handle bar and gives you constant speed with total control. Twist down all the way and you’ll fly, or
give it a slight twist and you’ll sit in a lower speed. Lastly, you can use a combination of pedal assist
and use the throttle to give you a little boost as needed.

  To start, I turned on Pedal Assist and put the mode in Low Speed , as you start pedaling, after 2
rotations, you’ll feel the motor slowly kick in. It’s very quiet, you cannot hear any noises like I had
imagined. Low is a nice pace for a leisurely cruise. Then, I hit the mode button and increased speed
to Medium, at this point I’m feeling like a giddy little kid, you can help but smile and laugh a bit as
you’re zooming down the street. Switching between modes is super easy, the controls are right at
your fingertips and you can seamlessly transition as needed. I already felt like I was going pretty fast,
then I kicked it into High and was really flying! This bike is super powerful and very fast!

Later, I took the bike out on the trails to play around with the features.
Discovered a fun way to get on the bike and begin riding- using the throttle, you just sit down and
give the throttle a little twist and the bike picks you right up. In general, I would stay in Medium mode
and use the throttle to increase speed as needed or help carry me up hills. But, when on a straight
path or open area, it’s thrilling to just hammer the throttle and ride in top speed.

   The bike carried me up mountains, off road, through mud, gravel and city streets. The shock
system is far superior to any other bike I’ve rode. Jumping curbs was a breeze, rode over large
sticks, rocks and pine cones and it was as smooth as riding on pavement. Mud- no problem, no
lag in speed.. the tires cut through mud like butter!
   I wanted to see how the bike rode without the pedal assist. I had the impression that with fat tires,
the bike would be heavy and harder to ride in pedal only mode, but I was completely wrong.
It feels lightweight and as easy to ride as a traditional mountain bike.

I have nothing but great things to say about the new Miri bike. It’s a complete joy to ride!
The bike will take you places and distances you normally wouldn’t go on a traditional bike- like
up a steep mountain or a spontaneous 20 mile Saturday cruise. You don’t need to be a bike
enthusiast to appreciate the Miri, but if you are, you will recognize all the high end components
and well thought out design.  Not only powerful, sturdy and fun, but also sleek and stunning.

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