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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Distilled or Purified Water - Process & Benefits!

What is Purified Water?

Clean drinking water is a basic human necessity. From boiling tap water for clean water to distillation, there are various methods to obtain clean water. Purified water is characterized by the level of impurities found in the water. To obtain purified water is to eliminate the impurities/contaminants to a diminishingly low level. Today, we discuss these widely recognized water purification methods such as Gravity Filtration, Reverse Osmosis & Distillation process.

Safecastle has a wide range of water purification equipment to suit multiple needs and budgets. An average American consumes 1 to 2 liters of water every day, imagine spending that much of money on Bottled water, the most convenient and easiest ways to consume purified water is to get a filtration system that suits the requirement. Below you will find a comparison between various filtration methods to help you choose better:

Distilled WaterBerkey Filtration
Distillation is a process which involves boiling water at different temperatures to remove impurities.Water Filtration (Berkey, systems use a complex Gravity filtration method which is done by the different types filtration elements - Black & Ceramic mainly.
Distillation as a process is so well-defined that with the impurities and heavy metals in the water, distilled water sometimes is bleached of essential nutrients and minerals as well.Berkey Filters combined with extensive research and recognition has acheived a status of Purifiers.
Distilled water is so pure in its content that it is often used for chemical research.Berkey filter is the most commonly used water filter used mostly at homes and outdoors because of the convenient size, weight, and ease of use.
Distillation process requires energy to boil the water, collect it as steam and the vapourize the steam to liquid for the purest form of waterBerkey filters use activated charcoal filters that comes combined with silver to self-sterilize and the filtration process is automated with the only intervention being filling the upper chamber with water.
Cleaning a distiller can be a task as well, one has to use a white vinegar solution to effectively remove the residue on the distiller.To clean a Berkey filter is as easy as washing your pots and pans, the filters, however, can be scrubbed with a scotch pad and dried to retain its longevity.
Distilled water is highly efficient, however, you may end up wasting a lot of water in the process of boiling and it may not filter all the contaminants if the optimum temperature is not attained.Since all the filtration happens in the filtration elements, water is not wasted and the contaminants can clearly be seen as purified using the Red Dye test method, which includes using a chemical Red Dye in the upper chamber and the purified water accumulates in the lower chamber suitable for immediate consumption.

The goal of any water filtration is to provide safe, clean drinking water. Hence, based on your consumption, requirements and mainly the contaminants present in the water source, choose your filter wisely.

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