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Monday, November 19, 2018

California Wildfires - The Biggest Destruction!

2018 has been recorded as one of the most destructive years for California according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. We have all either witnessed such calamity or we have witnessed our near and dear ones. No amount of preparedness can ready us for the chaos that comes after any such disaster. The only way to get ourselves ready to prevent is to alter our basics.

According to facts, large wildfires are a natural phenomenon caused due to lightning strikes etc, the California Department of Fire estimates that natural causes account to just 5% of the calamity which proves, always the culprit, humans are mainly responsible for the fires though not always intentional, very small carelessness cause small fires leading to national disasters. Things like not dousing cigarette butts, campfires or electrical sparks have been proven to cause multiple disasters. Irresponsible debris burning has been accounted for 29% of wildfires and 21% of fires are estimated by use of arson.

A total of 7,579 fires raging through the state and multitudes dislocated from their families, there are fires that are still burning and will continue to devour the land as they are widespread. Hundreds of thousands of acres have been burnt in these fires and many lives lost. According to findings, a direct contributor to these fires could be a combination of an increase in Natural fuel and global warming conditions, per records there has been an increase in the number of dead trees in California, approximately 129 million trees are accounted dead in 2017 and the number is not likely to reduce.

Precautions after a Wildfire:

  • Ensure you return only when you have a clearance that the area is a safe zone.
  • It is imperative to cover your face and avoid staying in the affected area as the air quality would be at its worst after a large scale fire.
  • Keep yourselves hydrated and ensure you are well-prepared as flare-ups are very common.
  • Keep your bug-out bag with you at all times.

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